What is Outlook 2003?

Outlook 2003 is a part of Microsoft Office which is practically a part of any Windows Operating System. Outlook 2003 like other and more new versions are what Microsoft calls an email client which when properly set up can collect your emails from one or many email accounts that you have. As well as arrange them by date or by person. You could also set up a calendar and can remind you when you have an appointment. Also you could setup rules on how you want MS Outlook 2003 to handle your emails when they come in. For example if you want to set up a folder in the inbox that is to receive emails from a family member you will go and set up a rule for it. By setting rules you can tell Outlook when they receive an email and to what folder to put the email in.

In the corporate world Outlook 2003 is used a little differently than home users in that Outlook 2003 the majority of the time will have an Exchange Server to control users, emails and everything else that users do here in the corporate world. Usually with an exchange server you can set up the user quickly and start to receive emails instantly. I have used and still used Outlook and I think it’s the best email client there is and I have tried many others and yet I still come back to Outlook.

Emails Getting Stuck in Outbox

Being a Systems Analyst I come across a whole bunch of different problems which need to be solved at times over the phone. Sometimes the issues range from the very easy to the extremely hard. So a few days ago I had a user call me stating that his Outlook 2003 emails were getting stuck in the outbox. I begin to check and see if Outlook 2003 is connected to the exchange server etc. the person was receiving emails normally but could not send any emails because they quickly got stuck in the outbox. Just to see what would happen I clicked on the “Send and Receive” button and I noticed that the emails were getting stuck in outbox were being sent out.  That ruled out a network problem so I figured it had to be something that had been unchecked in the “Options” window. After a few minutes I found what the problem was and was able to fix it. It took about 10 minutes to solve the problem on why emails were getting stuck in outbox. I will explain the steps further in the next paragraph

How to Fix Getting Emails Stuck in Outbox

First thing is first make sure that you have a network connection so that your Outlook 2003 is live. After we check and are satisfied we will proceed further. Please see steps below:

  1. Open Outlook 2003
  2. Make sure Outlook 2003 has a network connection or are connected to the internet
  3. Once Outlook 2003 is opened and has a connection you will proceed to “TOOLS” on the very top of the Outlook client. Then click on “OPTIONS”
  4. An OPTIONS windows will open and you will click on the “MAIL SETUP” tab
  5. Look down the window towards the middle you will see a box saying “SEND IMMEDIATELY WHEN CONNECTED”  if the box is unchecked then you will need to check that box then hit “OK”

Once you finished these steps Outlook will begin to send your emails that are stuck in outbox. From here on your Outlook 2003 will be able to work normally again.