Thick, Eyebrows(89389)well groomed and well shaped eyebrows provide a beautiful frame for your eyes. Thin, sparse and uneven brows take attention away from your eyes and may make your face look bland and expressionless.

Thinning eyebrows may be a factor of heredity and most people will find their eyebrows thin as they get older.

Overplucking is another common factor in causing sparse eyebrows. If you overpluck for a period of time, your eyebrows will not grow back in.

There are a number of treatments and techniques designed to restore the healthy look of your brows or at least make them appear thicker. There are options to make your eyebrows look and grow thicker.

The one you choose may depend on the severity of eyebrow thiness and how much time and money you're prepared to spend to correct the problem.

How to Fix Thin Eyebrows - Rogaine

Rogaine Topical Solution (minoxidil 2%) is available over the counter at your local drugstore. The solution, which was once only available by prescription, is designed to treat hereditary baldnesRogaines. It works by stimulating blood flow in the area, nourishing hair follicles.

Apply to eyebrows daily using a clean q-tip. Do not rub your brows after applyingRogaine. Stop using Rogaine if you experience skin irritation or rash.

Rogaine isn't for everyone. Only 20% of women and 25% of men experience noticeable hair growth with the product.

Don't expect instant results. It takes a minimum of four months to see a difference.

How to Fix Thin Eyebrows - Dyeing

Hair dHair Dyeye coats each individual strand of brow hair making eyebrows thicker.

It is particularly effective for people who have very light brows. Go one to two shades darker than your natural hair color for a youthful look.

There are products specially designed to dye or tint brows on the market.

Most at home hair coloring systems are not recommended to eyebrows.

The colorist at your local beauty salon can dye your brows.


How to Fix Thin Eyebrows - Makeup (part 1)

The first step in applying makeup to correct thin eyebrows in to determine the shape of your brows.

Stand in front of a mirror with a ruler. Hold the ruler straight up beside the edge of a nostril. That'sEyebrows(89400) where the brow should start. Mark the spot with an eyebrow pencil.

Now move the ruler from the edge of a nostril to the edge of an eye on the same side of the face. That's where the brow should end. Mark that spot with an eyebrow pencil.

Finally, align the ruler from the tip of your nose to an area above a pupil. That is where the arch, or highest point of the brow should be. Again, mark that spot with an eyebrow pencil.

These are general guidelines. You may have to experiment to determine the most flattering shape for your face.

You can save time by using eyebrow stencils. Aes the name implies, you simply place them over your eyebrow and color them in with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow brush to achieve a perfect brow shape.

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How to Fix Thin Eyebrows - Makeup (part 2)

Which is better, an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder? They do specific tasks in creating thBefore and After(89407)e look of a fuller, thicker eyebrow so I recommend using both.

To begin, use an eyebrow brush to move the brow hair up and towards the sides of the face.

Use an eyebrow pencil to create the shape of the brow and fill it. Use very short strokes.

Follow with eyebrow powder. Using a very fine brush go over the brow. The powder adds thickness to individual hairs.

Using a clear mascara, once again move the brow hair up and towards the side of the face. This will "set" the eyebrows.

Finish with a light colored or opaque shadow directly under the brow to add more lift and definition.


How to Fix Thin Eyebrows - Tattooing

If you can't bear the thought of getting up every morning and "putting your eyebrows on" you may wantEyebrow Tatoo to consider permanent makeup.

The look of individual fine hairs are tattooed onto your eyebrows.

Done right, it is very delicate and painstaking work.

Once it's done, it's permanent so ask the cosmetician for samples of his or her work before hand.

Expect to pay between $400 and $600 for the procedure.

How to Fix Thin Eyebrows - Surgery

Surgeons use hair from your head, usually taken from just above the ear and graft the hairs, onEyebrow transplante at a time onto your eyebrows.

Because your own hair is being used, the result is very natural looking brows.

Most women require anywhere from 30 to 300 grafts and the surgery takes anywhere from one to four hours.

Following surgery, the eyebrows will be red, swollen and scabby but the healing process is fast.

The average cost for eyebrow transplant surgery is $4,000.