If you own an iPhone or iTouch it's a great idea to learn there few tricks for when you run into trouble. These two reliable options can save a once thought bricked iDevice. Knowing this can also save you a lot of troubleshooting time and a lot less freaking out if something went your with you device. Also a must know for any people who will or have jailbroke their devices.

Things You Will Need

-A Computer

Step 1

R First off dont just jump into a DFU restore start off with a Recovery Mode restore.

How to Enter Recovery Mode

* Disconnect from computer.
* Power off.
* Hold down "Home" button.as
* While holding the "Home" button connect to computer and continue holding the home button.
* Keep holding down the home button until you see a connect-to-itunes screen .
* You are now in recovery mode.

You can now open iTunes and click ok, then click restore and boom your iDevice should be back to normal. If for some reason or some how you ended up stuck in recovery mode just hold down the "Home" and "Power/Sleep" buttons for 12 seconds.

But if all else fails do a DFU restore.

Step 2

as How to put your iPhone in DFU mode

* Connect to computer.
* Turn iDevice off
* Hold "Home" and "Power/Sleep" for about 12 seconds or until you hear your computer recognize it.
* When you hear the beep, let go of the "Power/Sleep" button but continue holding the "Home" button for another 20 seconds. Your screen should now be black.
* Open iTunes, it might open by itself.
* Click ok, and restore.
* You can also downgrade your firmware by holding "Shift" when you click restore. Then search for an older firmware that can be downloaded from here.

If none of these things work I recommend trying it again. The Differences Between DFU and Recovery Mode
It all revolves around iBoot and I will explain how

Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a state of iBoot that is used during standard upgrades and restores. As iBoot is active, it does not allow you to downgrade your device's software.

DFU Mode

DFU Mode is a mode that does not load the iBoot. This will allow you to downgrade your iPhone firmware or upgrade with a custom firmware.

I hope all this clarifies or helps you out in any way, thanks for reading. If you would like to publish your articles and earn money click here.

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