If you haven't had it happen to you, it's just a matter of time; your iPod freezes. The first time it happens to anyone you go into a state of panic. The cause could be of many different reasons. This includes overheating, programs, and other reasons.

Things You Will Need

A frozen iPod touch.
One hand, two is better.

Step 1

Holding Hold down the home and power button for about ten seconds. Your iPod should reboot with the silver Apple symbol. At that time you can let go of the buttons.
Your iPod should reboot normally after and it should be back to working properly.

Tips & Warnings

Remember that the home button is the circular button found on the lower front face of your iPod. The power button is the small black button found at the top left corner of your iPod.
This will work for the original iPod touch and iPod touch 2nd Generation.