Every printer, no matter what type of brand it may be, can get technical problems and failures that may cause print delay and worst, supplies wastage. Yes, there are certain printer issues wherein you can find an easy solution over the internet to fix it. But, it is more often necessary to replace a component that is worn-out or what we call obsolete, instead of experimenting.

Lexmark for example is a printer brand manufacturer that has been known for years. However, years of existence wouldn’t make them exempted from dealing with customers having printer related issues and problems. As a work-around, Lexmark provided brief and simple ideas that may help their customers solve their dilemma with relates to printer troubleshooting.

A short rundown is provided below to brief you properly on how to react with non-serious printer issues particularly a not responding unit, and how you should probably be able to fix it:

  • Check all the cables and connections, make sure there are attached properly on ports where they should be connected.
  • See if the host computer is active. If yes, examine the cable that connects the two paired devices.
  • Is the printer connected to a power source? Or is the power cord properly connected with the unit and it doesn’t slack?
  • If the printer is plugged on a breaker or power strip, make sure the outlet is not turned OFF.
  • Have you recently or accidentally open the front cover of the machine? If yes, see if it’s completely locked or might as well, re-open it and close it back again securely.
  • If it’s your first time installing a printer and it doesn’t work after the process succeeded. It is either the driver or software is outdated, hence you have to update. It is also recommended to repeat the installation process and see if you haven’t missed anything.

Once you’ve tried each of these recommended solutions, you may turn the unit OFF and unplugged it from the outlet. Let it rest for a while like 10sec maybe, then turn it back ON. Hopefully, the problem with your not responding printer will be fixed.

If in case you’re experiencing problems with any components or consumables, it is always best to replace the cause of error the soonest possible. Let’s use the Lexmark T650 series as an example. This unit is in need of a black toner Lexmark T650 toner cartridge. With that, it wouldn’t be much of an issue to replace the cartridge if the user experience leaks, toner error, streaks on prints, and similar problems with the item. Same goes with the other consumables including the imaging drum unit and the fuser.