Self-propelled lawn mowers allow for people with larger lawns to finish much earlier than they would with a standard push mower. Sometimes, lawn mowers break down, requiring maintenance to get them up and running. With some time, you can repair a self-propelled lawn mower at home, saving hundreds of dollars on technician costs.

Things You Will Need

Owner's manual
Flat screwdriver
Replacement casing (if needed)
Replacement gears (if needed)
Replacement cables (if needed)

Step 1

Turn off the lawn mower. Whenever doing any repairs, the mower must be off.

Step 2

Locate the self propelled motor. If it is a front propelled, it is between the front wheels. For a rear propelled motor, it is between the rear wheels.

Step 3

Look at the casing of the self propelled mower. Look for any cracks or anything stuck on the casing. If there is debris clogging the motor, unclog it. Replace the casing by popping it off with a flat screwdriver. It will pop back into place the same way.

Step 4

Pop off the casing of the propelled motor. Look for anything clogging the notches in between each gear. It might be a small rock that was sucked up through the blades or small pieces of leaves. Unclog the gears as best as possible. Use a flat screwdriver to help remove the debris.

Step 5

Inspect gears for any cracks. Replace the gear by removing them from their notches with a small screwdriver. The new one can be put in the same way.

Step 6

Look over the self propelled cables on the handle that run to the motor. Make sure that they are connected properly. If there is anything loose, tighten them with a screwdriver. All it takes to disconnect and connect the wires is a flat screwdriver. Be sure to always read the owner's manual before any repairs.

Tips & Warnings

Be careful with the mower as the blades and metal frame can be dangerously sharp.