Are you experiencing difficulty on your washer? If you are currently facing a washing machine drain problem, you actually came to the right place. The drain hose is one of the most common parts of the washer that encounters problems, resulting to washing machine malfunction.

It's vital for you to keep in mind that there are numerous factors that can cause this problem; the most noteworthy of all is age. If your washing machine doesn't fail to fill itself up with water and you can still hear the light humming sound from the motor, then it signifies that the washer belt is still working and functioning properly.

Once the drain hose stop doing its job, there are primarily two reasons. Your drain hose is damaged or had broken down or your washer's pump is dented. Before you fix a washing machine drain problem, make sure that you machine is not plugged.

First, inspect if the lid of the washer is broken. To make this happen, use a long pointed material like a pencil or ball pen to thrust against the lid button.

Next, examine if the hose is appended to the pipe hole, if it is appropriately attached, remove it carefully. Select a replacement hose, which you can purchase in two different types. One is the shatterproof rubber or the newest material known as the stainless steel reinforced drain hose.

Don't forget to turn off the water supply's source. It's vital to note that there are three hoses that you need to detach to carry out the replacement. You will have to utilize a pipe wrench, a monkey wrench tool, and a normal plier to assist you in accomplishing the job.

Once the hose is removed from your washing machine, it's the right time to replace the old and scratched hose with a new one. This is just an easy step. All you have to do is to put a little grease on the connector and the faucet and guarantee that the rubber directly suits into the hose connector.

Avoid twisting the hose while the procedure is being performed. You can effortlessly fix a washing machine drain problem by following these simple steps.

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