Do your employees ask you the same question about their employment over and over again? If your answer is yes, then there must be a problem in the way their employment contracts are written. To identify the cause of this kind of problem, you will need a legal expert who specializes in employment contracts. Remember to seek legal help from someone who lives nearby to minimize hassles in setting meetings and consultations.

The employment contract is regarded as the most important document in a company. Before an employee signs it, he should first understand and adhere to everything it says, requires, allows, and prohibits. If the employee misses even a single aspect of the contract, confusion and misunderstandings might follow.

Of course you would not want something like that to happen to your employee, would you? Then here are some of the most important factors that make up a complete employment contract:

  • Job responsibilities – Aside from including details about responsibilities, you may also want to include possible punishments for anyone who might fail.
  • Hours of work and corresponding salary – This item should include regular working hours as well as overtime work and pay. Remember to follow the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) standards.
  • Company or employee benefits or insurance policies – Explain in the contract if the company offers insurance policies to employees.
  • Sick and vacation leaves – Still under the FLSA, sick and vacation leaves should be obtained by qualified employees.
  • Bonuses – Provide specific situations where bonuses can be rewarded.
  • Disputes at work – In case disagreements occur, the employee has the right to call an employment law lawyer in Los Angeles to fight for his rights.
  • Working stations or environment – Proper care of company materials and premises may also be included.
  • Dress code (if applicable) – Employers have the option to become very strict when it comes to the company's dress code.
  • Information about employment termination – The contract should discuss whether a severance package would be given to terminated employees or not.

If you want a comprehensive employment contract, then include all the points given above. You can let your HR personnel write the contract or you can do it yourself, but the second option. Now that your terms are clear, you will have the right to fire an employee if his performance is not good enough. Just be careful. If you terminate an employee without valid reason, he might get help from an Los Angeles labor attorney and file charges against you.