One of the worse things a couple can deal with is an unhappy marriage. The love shared is often forgotten or overlooked due to the issues the couple is facing.

In order to fix an unhappy marriage it takes at least one of the two members of the marriage to take the effort to start the mending process.

Here are five steps to help create a new happy marriage filled with love and passion.

The first major step to fix an unhappy marriage is making a commitment to be loving. Make a commitment to do whatever it may take to be loving to your spouse. This means talking and acting nice - just as you want them to act towards you. As the Golden Rule states "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." So take the steps to be loving compassionate and understanding.

The second step to fix an unhappy marriage is to identify the negative habits you may have that lead to the unhappy marriage. Everyone has negative habits yet the ones you may have are apparently leading to unhappiness. Be honest with yourself and make a list. Analyze the list and change the destructive habits before they destroy your marriage.

Number three step is to create a plan of action. Find out what you can do to change your habits that are breaking your marriage. Decide how you are going to change those negative habits.

The negative habits can include nagging anger disrespect or being overbearing and demanding. List how you plan to change your actions to become the loving and understanding spouse you would like to have for yourself.

Step four is to be romantic. This is where you will take action and meet the emotional needs and desires of your spouse.

Slowly do little things to show you care love your spouse and are a true friend for every reason they need that special friend. It is actually a simple process to be romantic yet it is the most overlooked action in most marriages.

People become lax and forget that romance is the key to any marriage to survive the times. Romance does not always include sex. It involves making your spouse feel loved appreciated and attractive.

The final step is step five where the emotional needs are met. Learn what emotional needs your spouse may have. They may need to have someone listen as they talk about the issues at work.

They may need someone to help do the housework so they are not so overwhelmed with work chores and the kids. They may simply need you to smile and provide a hug after a hard day at work. Make your spouse glad to come home to you every day.

When you follow these five steps you will easily fix your marriage and create a lasting loving relationship everyone will envy.

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