One of the scariest problems you can run into with your Xbox 360 video game system is known as "The Red Ring of Death". Microsoft originally extended the warranty of any Xbox 360 console experiencing the 3 red lights failure for up to three full years from the manufacture or purchase date. If your Xbox has outlasted the original warranty, then you won't be able to use the Microsoft company to do the repair for you. Luckily it's possible to learn how to fix the Xbox 360 red ring of death, which may save you a major headache or bill.

First off, it's important to understand why the Red Ring of Death or "3 red lights failure" happens on the Xbox 360. The ring of light shows up on the video game console to indicate some sort of general hardware failure. In the case of the red ring of death, it's usually due to excessive heat inside your Xbox 360. This excess heat causes your video game console's GPU and CPU component joints to have issues inside the Xbox. It will make your Xbox 360 unable to be used, so you'll be unable to play your favorite video games.

One fix for this problem involves using some spare parts, while another involves the use of towels to fix the problem. If you go the route of self-repair due to no more warranty, you'll want to open up your video game console carefully. In this case you'll be replacing the GPU X-Clamp, while many experts suggest you replace the processor clamp as well. It's important to make sure you have the proper spacing between the parts as well. The parts you need for the fix will include nylon washers, steel washers and 12 millimeter cheese head screws, as well as heat sink paste and heat sink paste remover. As for tools you'll use a 360 Opening Tool, a Torx T10, Torx T8, large and small slotted screwdrivers and a drill with 13/64th drill bit. You'll also need a wrench or pliers for the job.

The job itself will involved careful removal of several key parts inside the Xbox 360, such as the DVD drive, fan shroud, fan, power button and wireless controller board. You'll also be removing the motherboard so that you can get to the X-Clamp you need to replace. It's advised that you do this job with extreme caution. It can be a complex operation, but in the end if done carefully you'll be able to relax and once again enjoy your Xbox 360 video game system!