How to flirt with that special someone!

To the untrained, flirting can seem like a monumental task. The thought of actually putting yourself out there and opening up to someone that you really like strikes fear into the hearts of many, however, when you break it down flirting really isn't all that difficult! Here are some tips that will help you learn how to flirt, and be romantic.

1. Keep your cool

It's important to keep your cool when you're trying to talk to someone! Can you imagine someone walking up to you, babbling on about something nonsensical, and then leaving out of embarrassment? It's just creepy! So, never act nervous unless that's what you're going for. It's okay for you to be nervous when talking to a crush, or someone you hope to pursue a relationship with, however managing it down to a level where communication can still occur is a much better strategy then gushing all of your love at them on the first date. 

At the same time, don't just pretend you're not interested. Playing hard to get will leave you in the dust.

2. Listen and react!

It sounds really basic when you think about it, but being able to listen to what someone has to say and respond in an intelligible way is really important. You'll be putting yourself on a tight rope by just talking about your self 100% of the time. Be sure to listen and show real interest in the person you're flirting with.

3. Compliments, Compliments, Compliments!

Flirting might start off as just any old conversation but what will really set you apart from any old friend will be your compliments! Be sure to tell the person you're flirting with how great they are, and how much you love talking to them! Keep it too the point and sincere and it should turn out fine. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb to tell someone how you think of them. 

Also, be sure to not sound creepy! Too many compliments, or really weird ones might scare your love away!

4. Physical Cues

Always smile, and always maintain eye contact! Make sure that they know that you're into them just by your body language alone. Also, be sure to not take it all too seriously!

5. Relax

Relax! Your not at work, and this isn't some make or break situation. You're simply talking to or hanging out with your crush. It's important that you just relax and enjoy yourself regardless of how you think it might be going on a grander scale. You'll find that being relaxed gives you a sort of confidence that will keep your crush interested. Remember, you're pursuing some sort of emotional connection and you don't want that to ever feel like work!

Good Luck

And remember that flirting isn't terribly difficult and should really come naturally. Over time your flirting may just turn into romance, and if not then so be it. Learning to move on, and learning to know when someone is not interested are both important skills to have