Flirting Tips

Most guys know the importance of flirting when it comes to attracting women.   Unfortunately, a lot of guys are still relatively clueless when it comes to flirting with women.  What makes this even more sad is the fact that you've probably been flirting with women all your life, but you don't realize it!  Remember back in 1st grade, where you would accuse the girl of having "cooties", tell her you like her and then say you actually hated her, how'd you chase her around with your boogers, and how you'd tease her about the things she did wrong? Well gentleman, you've been a professional flirter since birth.  However, as most of us grow older, we forget about these "childish" antics and stop practicing the art of flirting. 

So, how do you actually flirt with women? Here are some tips:

1. Teasing

Women love to be teased, albeit to varying degrees.  Teasing is essential to flirting.  It's actually difficult to describe how to tease, as you have to actually get out there and practice it yourself.  In general, you should be very alert to what a girl is saying.  Yes, do actually listen to her.  Anytime you can take what she says and twist it around to something funny/ridiculous or use it against her, go ahead and do so. 

Here's an example:

Girl: "I sometimes throw a hissy fit towards my brother"

Later on when she gives you attitude, you say:"What, throwing a hissy fit again?"

The point is, observe what she says and does, as well as her little quirks.  Let's say she has a dorky laugh.  When she laughs, you can say, "You have such a dorky laugh ".  Remember, don't say this with a deadpan voice.  That's weird.  Be playful about it.

2.  Push/Pull

One of the most powerful flirting techniques I've learned to get women attracted is called push/pull.  When you "pull" a girl in, you give her a compliment.  For example, she could mention she's from California.  From there, you "pull" her in by saying, "That's awesome, I love California women.  The ones I met were so easygoing and fun to be around."  When you "push" her away, you essentially act as if the two of you wouldn't be a good fit.  For the previous example, you could "push" her away by then saying, "But I would never date a California girl, most were trouble".  When you make her feel special, but then she feels like you might not want her, this creates some excitement for her because people always want what they can't have and/or might lose.  

3. Be playful/mischievous

At the end of the day, being flirty means having fun and being playful.  You have to learn how to meet women, flirt with them, and adapt to the situation.  In order to be playful/mischievous, you can play games with her like thumb wrestling.  When you two thumb wrestle, you can cheat and say that you've won.  The girl will usually say that it didn't count because you cheated, in which you can tell her to stop lying.  

If you follow these tips, you will see an increased response from the women you talk to. Remember, flirting is all about keeping it light, fun, and playful.  The best way to learn how to flirt is to just do it.