Tips On Flirting With Guys

Some girls are naturally confident and find flirting with boys easy. Many, however, are shy of flirting with boys, and fear making a fool of themselves by being to obvious. Subtle flirting is the best way to attract a guy, whilst not being too obviously interested. A nasty rejection could affect your confidence and put you off boys for a long time. Obvious flirting could also make boys think you are too keen and put them off. Learn how to flirt with boys subtly to get the boyfriend of your dreams.

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With subtle flirting, you can usually tell if he is interested, before making a fool of yourself. Then, it can hurt a bit to find out he isn't attracted to you, you won't have lost any face in your attempt to gain his interest. 

Learn a few tips on how to flirt with boys in a subtle way and after a while it should start to come more naturally to you.

One way of attracting a boy's interest with subtle flirting is to let your gaze linger on him for a little longer than you would ordinarily. Don't stare, however, as it will make him feel uncomfortable. It will be too obvious you are flirting. He may even think you're strange! If you catch his eye, simply try to keep up eye contact for a few seconds. Smile slightly, and a little coyly if you can, then look away again.  This will give him a hint that you are flirting. If he has maintained eye contact with you too and smiled back, it is a sign that he may also be interested in you.

Be approachable and friendly to the boy you want to flirt with. If you are shy it is often easier to turn away, or start talking to your friends out of embarrassment. This won't get you anywhere. Allow him the chance to start talking to you in appropriate situations. If you are lucky he might start flirting with you first, in which case you won't have to do all the hard work. Again, smiling encouragingly helps to make yourself approachable and gives him a small sign that you may be flirting with him. Don't overdo it, however. You don't want to seem too eager and make your flirting obvious.

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If the boy you like doesn't start talking to you, but has given your some encouraging eye contact in return, he may also be shy. Ideally, you need to find a way to get talking to him to take your flirting further. Approaching him directly to start a conversation requires confidence and is hard to do.

Enlist the help of your friends in your attempts to flirt. If you all move closer to him as a group and you can catch his eye, you may be able to involve him in your conversation. Make a light-hearted comment, or just say, 'Hi,' in a friendly way. If he responds warmly, follow it up with further conversation or invite him to join your group. If his response is short, or if he looks away, take it a sign that he is probably not interested, so it is best to stop flirting with him.

Once you have started to talk to him on a casual basis, you can then lead on to longer conversations, perhaps when you run into him alone whilst walking to and from classrooms, or to and from school. Just start by asking him how he is when you see him. Continue with the subtle flirting using body language - lingering eye contact, coy smiles and so on. 

Monitor his response and react appropriately in response to his friendliness. By approaching your flirting in this subtle way, you can always keep up the stance that you are just being friendly, until it becomes obvious he likes you too. Hopefully he will start to do some of the running once he works out you like him.

It is good to keep the conversation light-hearted at first. Boys like girls who are fun to be with, so laugh and joke as much as you can. Deeper conversations will follow later if you start a relationship with him. Avoid talking about yourself too much as this can make a person seem very boring and self-obsessed.

Ask him questions about himself. Listen closely to his answers and encourage him to elaborate. This makes it easier for you to carry on talking to him as you won't have to continually come up with new topics. He will probably be flattered by the attention. If you seem impressed by what he says, show an interest in him as a person and laugh at his jokes, this can be an encouraging sign for him for that you like him and may be flirting.

There are many ways you can flirt subtly using body language. Keep up eye contact for as much of the time as possible. However, if you occasionally look down at his lips, this can give him a sign that you fancy him and are flirting with him. Touch your neck briefly sometimes to draw his attention there. Run your fingers through your hair casually and moisten your lips with your tongue occasionally.

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Avoid using these flirting gestures too much, however. If may become obvious you are flirting with him. Also, repeating the same gesture too often can make you look silly.

Once you know him better you can use more intimate body language in your flirting. You could touch his hand, knee or arm in sympathy or at other appropriate times to increase your intimacy with him.

Appearing to have confidence in the way you move and hold yourself is important when flirting with a guy. Maintain open stances with your arms apart and your head up. Don't hunch over or look down if you can help it, or cross your arms defensively. This will make you seem unreceptive and give him the wrong signals.

Once you know how to flirt with boys, your confidence will grow with practice. Knowing how to flirt with a boy may even lead to everlasting love. After all, you need to attract them before they can fall in love with you. You should, however, only flirt with boys near your own age and in a safe place, like at school or social gatherings.