How to Fly - A phrase such as How to Fly seems at the first look to be very simple, and all know what is means.

However, many of us might be in for a surprise if we search the Internet by entering only those three words How to Fly - because what pops up on the screen might be 'some flying topics' in a completely other context than what we had expected.

Travel with Commercial Airlines - When you searched the Internet How to Fly did you then think of how to fly to Europe, or fly to Asia with a commercial airline? Or didn't you know exactly where you wanted to fly to, but you wanted to be inspired to your next vacation with your family? Were you seeking the airline's time tables for the best connection, so your business trip could be accomplished as convenient and fast as possible? Or did you try to find the cheapest air tickets so you could travel on a long week-end trip?

How to Fly Your Own Airplane - Or did you in fact search the net in order to learn how to fly yourself at a flight training school? And did you search the Internet to learn which requirements you should meet in order to get your own pilot's license? And of course at the same time you wanted to know how much it would cost to learn how to fly, and how much it later would cost to rent or buy an airplane that you could fly yourself.

How to Fly as a Metaphor - Maybe you meant how to fly as in how to be successful in your business. Or you are about to leave your parent's home and start your own family life, now that your wings have become fully grown. So the question How to Fly was about how you can fly from the nest on your own. - And in any case you wanted to be flying high in great style!

How to Fly Fish - Maybe you are enjoying fly fishing? Or maybe you want to learn how to fly fish. Or want to buy some fly fishing equipment to bring on your next fishing tour.

Travel Tips to Non Frequent Flyers - Maybe you haven't been traveling very much by airplanes, and maybe the thought of being inside an airplane miles above the solid earth is scarring you. So you want to get some advice and tips about how to fly.

You might also want some practical tips about what to do or not to do if you are about to go on a long distance air trip, maybe even visiting several continents.

You can get information from your travel agency or from the airline which you are traveling with, but most likely you will get the best tips from other travelers, practical advice will make you more comfortable and prepare you for an air travel without any worry. Tips about how to avoid the fear of flying, jet lag when traveling over many time zones, and practical tips about baggage etc. are most likely better if you get the advice from people who have experienced it them selves.

As you can see, then the phrase How to Fly can be used in many very different situations, but whatever your dreams and wants are, then I wish you a happy flight.