A lot of people think that flying first class is only for the wealthy or the seasoned business traveler. In fact, anyone can fly first class.

It's not a matter of money; it's a matter of miles. When you earn enough frequent flier miles, you trade them in to get yourself a first class ticket without paying a dime.

You may be wondering how it is possible to get enough miles for a first class ticket.

Fly First Class on Any Airline

There are a few simple ways to do this: flying with the same airline whenever you travel, getting an airline credit card that allows you to accrue frequent flier miles when you make everyday purchases, and taking advantage of special reward programs from the airline you fly.

Things You Will Need

- Frequent Flier Account
- Frequent Flier Miles

Step 1

It is easy to get in the habit of going to an online booking engine and choosing the least expensive flight on offer. The problem with this method is that you end up with frequent flier miles spread out over a whole bunch of different airlines. You never earn enough on one airline to get a first class ticket.

Instead, consider paying a little bit more to always fly with the same airline. That way all of your miles will accrue to one frequent flier program and you will be able to save up enough for a first class ticket much more quickly.

Step 2

Most major airlines offer credit cards that give you up to 50,000 frequent flier miles just for signing up. That's enough for a one-way international flight in first class on most airlines.

Additionally, with every incremental dollar you spend, you'll earn another mile. If you put all of your purchases on that credit card, you'll be racking up the frequent flier miles and flying first class in no time.

Step 3

Many airlines offer special reward programs throughout the year. For example, some airlines offer double miles for flights between certain dates. These programs can help you earn bonus miles quickly, making it easy to afford a first class ticket using frequent flier miles.

Furthermore, many airlines have status programs where you can earn elite status by flying a certain number of miles every year. If you attain status, you can often participate in additional bonus mile programs, or earn free upgrades to first class.
You don't have to be rich to fly first class; you just need to be smart about how you earn frequent flier miles. If you are, you'll be flying first class in no time.

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