How to follow Gresham's Law of Moneythumbnail
Sir Thomas Gresham (1519 - 1579)

"Bad money drives out good" and you can profit from this law today.

This process is sometimes called "coin roll hunting" or CRH. Coin roll hunting is really a way to invest in valuable commodities a few cents at a time.

Difficulty:  Moderate


 things you'll need:  Coins - Time - Several Bank Accounts

1 ton of Copper 

Research what coins are worth more in metal value then in face value. Assuming you live in North America, a helpful tool is Your targets will be older then current but still circulating coins made of silver, copper and nickel. A useful forum is also in the Resources area below. Wikipedia has a good list of coins to target in the Coin Roll Hunting article.


Go to your local bank and ask to buy rolls, boxes or bags (if possible) of coin. All banks will carry some coin, but serious sorters may need to request coins be ordered in by the bag or box. Ask the commercial or head teller about ordering.


Take your coins home and if required unroll them. Sort the coins by date range based on your research and targets.


Roll up your dump coins and mark the coin rolls with an S for Sorted. If you can find a free coin counter all the better and you can skip this step.


Return the coins to a different bank or branch then you are buying from. This is very important if you don't want to be cut off on supply or see the same coins again.


Repeat this process, building your base and precious metal hoard for less then the intrinsic value of the metal in the coins.  The downside to this investment is limited by the face value of the coins you bought - its basically a no downside investment and fully liquid at cost at anytime.

See what copper and nickel coins sell for in the real world on sites like Copper Cave.