Hard drive space

If you've been playing your Playstation 3 for awhile, then you've probably got a lot of data stored on it. Sony released PS3 models with varying hard drive sizes from 40GB all the way up to 320GB. But overtime, no matter which version you have, you'll eventually need more space as games, downloads and other content accumulates on your machine. So if you're sort of new to console gaming and need some advice on how to free up some space on your PS3's hard drive, continue reading.

Delete unwanted content

One way to free up space on your hard drive is by deleting demos and game installs you don't play as often. Overtime, if the game doesn't have any multiplayer options, after beating it, it becomes a weight your PS3 has to carry. Multiplayer usually gives a game longevity, so any games without that feature don't need to stay on the HDD.

Reformat it

Instead of replacing the HDD, you can always simply reformat it. You'll lose all your data, which is probably why just upgrading to a HDD with more room makes a bit more sense, but it'll give you room to download more content.

hard drive(45040)Credit: ArtMast

Replace the hard drive

Probably the most laborious method of getting more hard drive space is by installing a new hard drive altogether. First, before you get any tools out however, you'll need to back-up the data on your PS3. You can do this by using the Back-up utility under System settings. And you can use an external hard drive to download all your data on, or a flash drive that's formatted FAT 32. Your PS3 will take a laptop drive which is small and compact, but also expensive. You can go all the way up to 500GB of hard drive space. It's really simple taking your old hard drive out so don't stress out. All you need is a screwdriver and an extra hard drive before you get started. Here are a few steps:
  • Simply turn the PS3 off unplugging any cables
  • Use your screwdriver to open the HDD bay cover then unscrew the blue screw
  • There's a little handle that you can use to slide the HDD to the right, and lift up. It comes out easy.
  • Unscrew the four screws that keep your old HDD inside the frame, then insert your new HDD
  • Re-screw the HDD inside the frame and place it back into your PS3
  • Finally, just turn your Playstation 3 back on and follow the steps to format the new drive, and your done
Remember, when when buying an HDD, make sure it's a 2.5" SATA otherwise it won't fit in your system. Of course, as technology continues to enhance, there may come a day a company finds a way to increase storage space onto a 2.5" SATA HDD, but for now, there isn't one available.

Oh wait, one more thing!

These tips are pretty much all it takes to free up space on your HDD. But before you go, one more thing. If you were among the people who bought their PS3s way back when it launched in 2006, you're probably wishing you waited for the slimmer models with more hard drive space. Don't worry though, there's a way you can obtain a free Playstation 3 if you're willing to put a bit of effort into it. I'm not telling you to go get a second job or anything, it's just something you can do on your spare time. The link I provided will give you some answers on that. Either way, hope these tips help.
hard drive image by ArtMast/stock.xchng