It's quite easy to freeze milk for later use. Whether you got a really great deal on some milk, or you just find yourself with too much milk, milk can be frozen for up to six months in a plastic container.

Things You Will Need

Milk in a plastic gallon jug
A one-cup measuring cup
Freezer space

Step 1

Begin by opening the plastic gallon jug full of milk to be frozen. Make sure the milk is not expired by smelling the milk. Expired milk cannot be frozen. Use only fresh milk for freezing.

Step 2

Pour out one cup of milk into the one-cup measuring cup. Place the poured out milk in the refrigerator or use immediately.

Step 3

Replace the cap on the plastic gallon milk jug and place the jug in the freezer. The extra space in the plastic jug will allow for expansion of the milk as it freezes.
That's it! Frozen milk will keep well in the freezer for six months. For info on how to thaw frozen milk, check out "How to Thaw Frozen Milk".

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