Getting a manicure done or artificial nails put on can become a costly luxury. If you are a fan of the french tip that you get at a salon, why not save yourself some money and easily do it yourself!?

Things You Will Need

White nail polish

Any transparent nude color desired

Clear base coat and top coat

Scotch tape

Nail Polish Remover

Cotton Balls

Step 1

Start by cleaning each of your nails with nail polish remover so that your nails are clean of any dirt or oils that may prevent the nail polish from adhereing.

Step 2

Now take an emory board and file your nails into the desired shape after clipping them all the same length. After you have filed and shaped your nails, run a cottonball soaked in nail polish remover over them.

Step 3

At this point you can apply your base coat to keep your polish from staining your natural nail. Let this coat ry completely before moving on!!!

Step 4

Now you can take small pieces of tape that are just long enough to go across your nail, and stick them where you do not want any white nail polish. So lay the edge of the tape along where your skin connects to the end of your finger nail. Its important to make sure that your base coat is fully dried so that the tape doesn't pull the base up!

Step 5

Next you can take your white nail polish and run the brush horizontally across each finger nail tip that is exposed-the tape gives you a nice crisp edge, so paint right over the tape a little! Let this layer dry really well before pulling the tape up.

Step 6

At this point your white polish should be non-tacky and dry. Start by pulling one side of the tape directly back across the nail VERY SLOWLY! If you pull to fast, you risk stringing the polish or pulling some of it off!

Step 7

Now to smooth out the entire look, take your transparent nude color and paint one coat over the entire nail-white polish and all. Make sure its even so that you do not have any stripes!! By doing this, it makes the polish look more natural and the white tip less artificial and hard. Let this coat dry until its not tacky anymore.

Step 8

Lastly apply your clear top coat to either enhance shine or speed dry your new french tip nail design! This method does take some patience, effort, and time. But if done correctly it can look fabulous for a lot less than a salon!!

Tips & Warnings


Try using a shimmery nude polish on the nail

If you are a colorful gal, tip your nails in different, un conventional colors!

I like to take detailing polish with the long skinny brushes and underline my tips to make them pop and look glam!