Creating and integrating relevant accounts on to your InfoBarrel 'Advertisement Profile'.

  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Associates
  • Chitika
  • Google Analytics

The following is a guide to get you fully set up and ready, by creating and integrating all the accounts in your 'advertising profile' on InfoBarrel.

Step OneSign-Up to InfoBarrel

(If you have already signed up, skip this step).

Here you will simply be asked to provide a username (choose it carefully as this can't be changed), to provide a password for your account and enter your email.

Then verify your account by email, and you are ready to start writing!

However, you won't actually earn any money without completing step two to four.

(If you are wanting to create more than one account on InfoBarrel, be sure to first inform Admin.)

Step Two: Create and Integrate Your Google Adsense Account

Note: Before setting up your google adsense account, be sure to have "at least one" or more articles approved before applying - as Google could reject you by means of you being 'under construction'.

The creation of the account could potentially take a few days to gain approval - make sure to complete step one, before making this step - if you don't already own a website.

To complete the registration fill out all the details that are asked - such as your email etc.

Simply provide your URL of the profile you have created on InfoBarrel (e.g for me it would be as your website URL.

For more information on creating a Google Adsense account  head over to the article InfoBarrel has provided here.

Once the account has been created and approved head over to 'My Account' on InfoBarrel, go to the 'advertising profile' - then type in your Google Adsense Publisher ID, that is provided on your Google Adsense account at the top right. Then click 'save'.

Step Three: Create and Integrate Your Amazon Associates Account

Head over to Amazon Associates, be sure to create the account an account, from the country you are living in.

Again, fill in all the relevant details such as your email address, and select that you are a new customer.

Then enter your name, your date of birth etc.

When it comes to the name of the site, many suggest just putting in the InfoBarrel url and describe briefly what it is about - Amazon will then probably recognise that you are a member of InfoBarrel.

Once the account has been created head over to 'My Account' on InfoBarrel, got to 'advertising profile' - then type in your Amazon Associates tracking ID. Then save, and you then should be integrated with your Amazon associates account.

Step Four: Create and Integrate Your Chitika Account

Again, fill in all the relevant details as to what you need to do.

Selecting the website - again as InfoBarrel.

Usually this takes quite a while to clear.

Once the account has been created head over to 'My Account' on InfoBarrel, go to 'advertising profile' - then type in just your username into the space where it states Chitika Username. Then click 'save'. Simple as that.

Step Five: Create and Integrate Your Google Analytics Account

Note: this can only be done after you have wrote ten articles that have been approved.

After this head over to the Google Analytics site.

Here you will have the option to simply integrate the account information you used on your Google Adsense account to Google Analytics, if you don't want to do this simply fill in the relative details again.

Once your account has been created, log in by clicking 'Access Analytics'.

Start by clicking on 'add new profile', that appears on the main page.

Then select the option, add a profile for a new domain - then provide the URL of InfoBarrel.

Once you have done this go  copy the web property ID ( including the 'UA-').

Then click save and finish, with the 'a single domain (default)'. It should then appear back on the main page with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle of it.

Head back over to InfoBarrel and to 'My Account' on InfoBarrel, go to 'advertising profile' - then paste your web property ID into the Google Analytics site ID, Then click 'save'. Give it a few days it should be integrated with your InfoBarrel Account.

You will know when it is integrated when there is a green tick, in the profile you created for InfoBarrel in the Google Analytics account. 

Note: Admin manually review all the information you submit into your 'advertising profile' to make sure you have filled it out correctly.