Amplify contacts are vital

Amplify works for Infobarrel authors by providing an audience ready to review your published content. It is similar to Twitter in that posts must be fairly short and simple. The site does offer the ability to post pages as well. These can be more elaborate and may actually be more helpful to the Infobarrel author, as you will see.

Pages and posts are published on Amplify in order to broadcast other content to Amplify users. People may find your material by searching for keywords but a lot of users rely on the contact facility. Contacts are listed as sources and followers. If you follow someone, that person becomes one of your sources. Similarly, the other person can see that you are one of their followers. When one of your sources publishes material on Amplify, you get a notification. This is a feature that is similar to Facebook and other friendship sites.

Often, people that you follow will notice that you are following them. They will then check your author profile on Amplify. They may review your posts and they may even begin to follow you as well. All of these activities tend to elevate your profile on the web site. You may want to develop a large number of sources and followers on Amplify in order to help promote traffic to your material.

To get started, you must have an Amplify account, of course. You register in the usual way. Once registered, confirmed and logged in, you are ready to start using the site. Post an item or two describing your Infobarrel articles. With a little content established, you are ready to start setting up sources and gaining followers.

On the right of the screen, you will see a search bar. Type in something that interests you. For this example, a search for "London hotel" was used. A number of matching posts was returned. Checking out the list, a post about luxury hotels in London was noticed. Next, the name of the author was clicked. This opened the user profile. Since the author's post was interesting, the follow button under the author's photo was clicked. This established a new source. Unfortunately, this author had no other followers. A return to the list of posts shows another author. This one has 391 followers. A quick click of the follower button under the author photo sets them as a source. While this is optional, is an easy way to establish a connection to that author's followers. You can now click on the word "Followers" located just under the count. A list of perhaps 25 people will be displayed.

On the displayed list of users following your new source, there will be a follow button for you to use. If you have already followed the author, the button will say "following". You simply click on each follow button to establish the author as one of your sources. At the bottom of the list of 25, you can advance to the next page. The site is a little peculiar when you click on the follow button. Some redrawing occurs which alters the placement of future buttons in the list. This can be easily handled, however.

On each page of displayed users, go to the bottom of the page before clicking follow. Click on the buttons in reverse order, moving up the page as required. This allows the redraw operations to update the part of your screen that you have already used. You can easily review the list of authors this way and quickly click on the follow buttons. Pay attention to a few specifics, however.

Some of the authors do not speak in English. These people will likely be of no use to you as an Infobarrel author. You will notice them because their brief author bio will be in a foreign language. While you can click on their follow button, it likely won't help you. You may also see authors in the list that have peculiar biographies posted. Things that are obviously strange to you. You can either follow these authors or not at your choice. You may also see authors without biographies. These you can follow or not as well.

By using these techniques, you will find it possible to establish dozens of Amplify sources in just a few minutes. When you have run through the list of authors following your selected author, you can repeat the process for the list of the author's sources. In the example given, this amounted to a further 1054 Amplify users. It is up to you whether you choose to follow such a large number of authors.

In the near future, you can return to Amplify to check your account. The number of your sources will be shown. That is a count of the number of times you used the follow button. You may also see a count of your followers. That is a count of the number of users who reviewed your profile and pressed on your follow button. When you have followers, every time you post something, they will see it on their home page. With a few hundred followers, there is a good chance that all of your posts will receive traffic shortly after you publish. Many of these viewers may also surf over to your Infobarrel content. Once there, they may check out your other articles. All of this increase in activity on your content will be a result of the few minutes you take establishing sources. It is time will used.

Be sure to post a comment below if you try this technique to boost the number of your Amplify sources. Readers of the article will be interested to hear whether or not the idea is successful for you. By performing the follow activity, some Infobarrel authors have found about a 1 to 2 conversion rate of followers to sources. That is, for each 2 times the follow button was clicked, 1 person returned the action and became a follower as well. You may find that a significant amount of traffic to your Infobarrel content results as well. This is traffic that is in addition to those viewers who find your content through Google, other search engines or the Amplify search field.