About 80 percent of millionaires (self made hard working) in America started with nothing, not even two dimes to rub together. There are many people who just do not have the drive (maybe because they grew up in a wealthy state) or the means (can't find a job or don't want to live there parents house) to do it. However, if there is any kind of passion in your heart to have financial long lasting money than you will find a way to get there.

1. You need to be ready for the opportunity to become financially stable. There are so few times in a human beings life when they are approached with an idea that could earn money for years. But, you may not be able to go for it due to so many debts and financial obligations to go for it. If you find something that will help you do it and make sure you have the time and money to achieve it.

2. Now think about the statistics of people who retire after years upon years of working. Out of 100 people only 1 person will retire with enough money to stay in retirement. Only Four out of 100 will be independent; fifteen out of 100 will have small savings' and the other 80 will be dependent on pensions, go in and out of the work force, and still broke. Get that idea in your head and think about which statistic you want to be in.

3. You must first get the drive to want to retire with enough wealth to last until you pass away. You have to want it to achieve it. The four main points about being financially independent is to have the drive, the decision to want it, the determination to get there and the responsibility to use your funds wisely.