Building Lean Muscle for a Perfect Body

In order to gain muscle mass and definition quickly it is important to understand how your body works and what it needs to do if you want to develop what until now it has been difficult to achieve: lean muscle. A short summary would be: a good training program, good nutrition and the best high quality protein available in the market; however, a good night sleep and motivation are usually overlooked by many gym-goers, without realising that this is as important as the three main ones.


Build Muscle, whey protein for perfect body

Motivation is a key element to develop muscle mass quickly; your body will not improve just because there are new dumbbells and weights at the gym, or because you work out three times a week; your body needs a reason to perform the hard task of repairing the muscle tissue damaged during the training, and at the same time increase in size; motivation and a reason to carry out this tough job will only be accomplished if you are committed with yourself and have clear and well-defined objectives.


Having a better body is not simple; in fact, this is the reason why so many people decide to quit after a few months; it requires dedication in terms of what you eat, drink and how much you train and rest. One of the first thing you need to do is to buy the Best Whey Protein available, this is a natural form of protein; as the normal milk, whey protein also comes from cows but it has the fat and sugars filtered out in order to provide better results. Before you decide to buy any supplements you need to do your research; read and compare the different proteins offered, you can read Amazon's reviewsand compare the different products; however the most effective and the one I have been using for over 2 years now is Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard. Although supplements such as whey protein are an important part to build lean muscle; a protein-based diet is fundamental, this should be supplemented with fruit, vegetables, good fats (oily fish and nuts) and carbohydrates.


The best approach possible would be to contact your personal trainer or a nutritionist to give you recommendations of the kind of food you should be eating, as this will vary from person to person, and it will depend on what you want to achieve, your current fitness levels and your personal circumstances; however, if you are not able to afford it, there is plenty of information on the internet or specialised fitness magazines that will provide all the information you need.


How to build the perfect body

Although a vegetarian diet is exceptionally healthy, it will cause a reduction of your testosterone levels (the muscle-building hormone). A diet rich in meat is ideal for muscle building but especial attention needs to be taken about consuming too much red meat; always opt to consume lean beef or stake and supplement it with chicken, fish and eggs. In order to promote muscle growth and avoid the hunger feeling which will make you eat the wrong kind of food, you should be eating between four to six meals everyday (small portions ;) if possible one of them should be within one hour after your training session.