If you may be someone who is very skinny and lacks any type of muscle density you will need to start packing on a few pounds. You don't have to be the skinny or large nerd for the rest of your life.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


1. Understand that building muscle takes a great deal of time. You maybe going to the gym everyday or working out constantly but it takes time for your muscles to develop. To build muscle, your body actually has to break its tissue down and build it back up again. If you have a lot of fat or little muscle tissue, it will take longer to develop then someone with a toned physique.

2. Visit a local gym and start doing a workout session every few days. You should be working on cardio and weight training if you want to gain muscle. If there are any assistants in the facility ask them for advice on basic muscle building programs.
3. Make sure you are drinking water before and after your workout. You can cramp your muscles if they are not getting enough water in its system. Your body also loses a lot more fluids when working out so it is fine to drink slightly more than usual.

4. Do not start out doing the hardest running programs or heaviest weights. You can damage your body if you do and will be harder for you to gain muscle. Pick a weight that is easy and light enough so you can do a few reps.

5. You should be working on all parts of your body. So many people make the mistake of working just on their arms or chest and forget about legs, thighs, triceps, quads, butt, back muscles, etc. You will want to give your body a full workout so you can see results come much faster.
6. Now that you are working out you will also need to get enough rest and get a proper diet so your muscles are getting what they need. You should be eating carbs, protein and and good amount of fruits and vegetables. This is so your body gets the proper nutrients needed to build muscle. Also, make sure you are getting 7 to 8 hours of proper rest so your muscles can heal.

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