No matter what body type or weight you have, it's safe to bet that you would enjoy a more toned muscular body. I'm not saying you might want to be as big as Hulk, but if you do, you might want to take it a step beyond these simple tips. For those who want to gain muscle weight and get stronger with a few simple steps, then please follow this how-to guide.

Things You Will Need

--The ability to move around

--a place to work out with a bar (home, gym, park, etc.)

--motivation (very important here)

Step 1


If you really want to gain at least some muscle, you are going to have to get started, and keep yourself working at it. How many times have we wanted to lose weight, get better at an instrument, or do better at class, but not taken the time to work to do those things? Well, same goes with this. If you want to do gain muscle, it's time to get off that couch and stop wishing that one day, you'll have as a body like Rocky Balboa's.

Step 2


A Lot of people don't realize just how effective pull-ups are. Pull-ups work out your forearms, fingers, biceps, chest, and back too. The problem is, they aren't easy to do at first.

Go to your workout place and grab on the bar. Pull yourself up as high as you can, then let your body slowly fall again without letting go. Repeat as many times as you can. Most likely, if you're reading this, you're only going to be able to do between 1 and 5. Hey, not bad. Just try again.

The key here is to do as many pull-ups as you can at once, then rest. For instance, say you can only do 2 at a time. Then, do 2, and rest. Repeat as many times as your body allows. Push yourself, but don't kill yourself. As you continue doing pull-ups, you will gradually get stronger and will be able to do more at a time.

Step 3


Sit-ups will get you those washbooard abs you've always wanted. But if you've got a beer belly or if you have no belly, these can be quite a challenge.

Start by doing simple crunches. Lay flat on your back with both feet flat on the ground. With your palms flat on the ground, try to touch your heels or go even further by ONLY lifting your upper body using your abdominal muscles. Just like pull-ups, you may only be able to do a few before tiring. Just rest a minute or so, and repeat. As you're muscles get stronger, then you will be able to do different types of sit-ups and ab excerises.

Step 4


Push-ups will get you that broad chest you've always envied on David Hasselhoff. (As for the hair on it, well, can't help you there.)

Start by getting in push-up form: place both hands on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Both feet should be close together and your body should be straight (make sure your bum is not in the air). Keeping that straight shape, let your body fall as close to the ground as possible--without touching it--and push yourself back up. If you can do only a couple, that's fine. Rest and repeat.

Step 5


If you do this only one day, you're not going to gain any muscle. Also remember to push yourself, because if you do only one or two reps of these excercises a day, it's not going to do much.

If you honestly try, you will be hurting and sore the next day. That's great! Let your muscles rest a bit. If you're too sore, don't risk hurting yourself. On the other hand, if you feel you can go at it again, by all means go! If you push yourself, you will see your body becoming more toned and your muscles getting larger. Also, you will notice that you will be able to do 20 push-ups or more at once, when before you could only do 5.

If you can stay motivated and follow these tips every other day (every day would be ideal, but that depends entirely on you), then you will be on your way to a better body.

You don't need expensive excercise machines to get into shape. Most of what it is, is determination. Once you do that, you'll look like those guys fighting in the octagon. And you will never want to put your shirt back on.

Tips & Warnings

--If you're too sore, stop for a while to avoid injury

--Try to excercise early to get it out of the way and so you don't have to worry about it later.

--Careful with doing this too much: you might get super-attractive and spend a great deal of time looking at yourself in the mirror