Group boards draw crowds
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Most people still use traditional search engines to find information. But Pinterest is an exciting new social media platform that will drive additional traffic to your pages.

If you're writing articles for people to read, you almost can't afford to ignore Pinterest.

And if you're an affiliate marketer, a description that applies to anyone who inserts an Amazon or another affiliate link in their page, with the hopes of making a sale, Pinterest can help. That's because it's been demonstrated that Pinterest users often make purchases after clicking on a "pin," which directs them to another website.

Targeted search engine traffic is still the best for converting visits into sales. But Pinterest is probably the next best thing.

On some of the sites I write for, nearly all of my affiliate sales happen after I, or someone else, pins one of my articles. I notice a traffic surge for a day or two. Then, for an indefinite period of time, my pin will once again go into circulation, and I'll have additional visitors and affiliate clicks.

Someone else, a very seasoned affiliate marketer, remarked that "Pinterest is a gift that keeps giving," referring to when something previously pinned comes back to life.

I see this happening nearly everyday, when an article I pinned months ago, written by someone else, enjoys a new burst of activity.

It appears as if a growing number of people (mostly women) are using Pinterest for a lot of reasons, including as a visual search engine.

However, it takes time to see good results from Pinterest. In order for a lot of people to pin your articles, you'll need a fairly large following. Here's how to find it.




Attracting Crowds
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Just Be Yourself

No one likes a spammer. That includes people who use Pinterest. It's easy to see through spammers because they don't offer any information of value when you click on their many product-related pins. People don't like to follow spammers because they know their "feed," the block of pictures you first see after logging into the site, will contain lots of spam.

If you make the mistake of following a spammer, you'll discover your error soon enough. Your feed gets clogged with endless pictures of t-shirts, sunglasses and clothing advertisements. So, when this happens, the next logical step is to "unfollow."

For some reason, though, spam occasionally pops up even when you don't choose to follow a particular pinner. I haven't been able to figure out why this happens. But the solution is easy enough, as it takes just a second to hit the "unfollow" button.

I can't stress enough how important it is to develop a genuine following, and to follow only those people with whom you share common interests. This way you feel good about your online activities, and others appreciate the fact that what you share can sometimes offer a solution to a particular problem. One example would be a pin on non-toxic products that kill insects.

If someone follows me, I try to return the courtesy by following them back. Usually, they have at least one board I find truly interesting. You don't have to follow someone's entire profile, just those particular boards that appeal to you.

Tips on Finding Followers

The best way to gain followers is to follow people. However, I only follow a particular board if it offers something of genuine interest, or else.

If you follow a board you interested in, particularly a group board, you will often receive an invitation to join. This is an offer you don't want to refuse, because your pins on that topic will then be viewed by potentially thousands of people.

But you do need to exercise some caution. It's important to follow the rules. Some board owners are very easy to work with. Others will penalize you and drop you for minor infractions, or for none at all.

That's why, if you can, think about starting your own group boards. Most people like the increased activity and exposure of a large board with multiple posters. So, when you set up a board board, which is really easy to do, you are practically guaranteed that people will, especially if you choose a popular topic.

Happy pinning.