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A person wants to start making some extra money. They join Infobarrel for free. Good so far. Next, they write an article about their Dell laptop computer. Ironically, they are using the same laptop to write the article. The laptop serves them well and they relate in the article just how useful, capable and quick the laptop is for them. Perhaps they were able to do something with the laptop that they didn't think was possible. Whatever. The article is informative and it gets posted on Infobarrel. (It may need to be approved before it becomes live.) Later, a viewer finds the article while they are searching for the best user recommendations about Dell laptops. The viewer finds the article about the laptop and reads it.

For some reason, the viewer totally connects with the article about the Dell laptop. The viewer had been leaning towards this brand for a while, maybe because they were using a really old model produced by the company. Wanting some assurances, they finally found this article written about the laptop. The article said how useful the laptop was. The viewer needs this kind of service as well. The viewer is impressed. While viewing the article, the viewer notices that an advertisement for Dell laptops is shown at the right margin of the computer screen. For whatever reason, the viewer clicks on the ad and is shown a really nice graphic from Amazon that describes the exact laptop mentioned in the article. Amazon is running a special right now for this model. To top it off, free shipping is possible. The viewer decides to buy the computer there and then. The writer of the article earns a small sales commission from the sale.

This could be you. You have a computer, (probably). You like it. You can write about it as well. Maybe somebody else wants a computer, sees an article you write and buys a computer just like yours. You make a small commission. You are on your way. Next, you learn how to improve your writing ability and your Internet portfolio. Instead of one person finding your article and buying a computer, perhaps 50, 100 or more people buy one. You get lots of small commissions. Suddenly, they start adding up to real money. Maybe, too, some of the people look at your ad, and decide not to buy anything. They use your ad for research. You get a small payment for all of the viewers' actions. Good for you - more cash.

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Notice that I said you can join Infobarrel for free and make extra money now. I did NOT say that it is easy. I did not say that anyone can do it. I did not say that you will make $1, $10, $100 or more, but you could. It's up to you. Those who do best on Infobarrel are the ones who follow good practices and who work well. Writing well is the first key. If you can craft a fine piece of English text, then you may be fine. If you can craft something approaching the (supposed) quality of this article, you may be OK, or you may not. If you write really poorly with lots of errors, grammatical errors, convoluted sentence structure and slang then you may want to consider collected trash on the roadside instead. Without a doubt, the most successful Infobarrel authors are those who write quality articles. Those who also understand the process make even more. It is hardly rocket science. You can do it, very likely. Once you join, you can start earning, learning and earning some more. Good luck!