If you write for an online website such as InfoBarrel or Examiner then you know the more traffic you have the more money you make. One of my websites gets over a million page views a year. It is an online forum. Because of the adult nature of the site I can not run ads from Google Adsense. I was asking to someone the other day and told them that if that website was allowed to run Adsense Ads it would make me around $5,000-$10,000 per year. Not bad for a forum. His response was "if you can get that many page views with your forum why can't you do it with your articles?"

I initially started explaining to him why my forum received so many page views as opposed to my articles but as I was talking I just stopped and started thinking. He was right and it motivated me to design a plan to get a million page views on my InfoBarrel articles. Here's how I will do it.

So Easy A Monkey Can WriteContent

I must keep writing a lot. Yesterday I wrote 11 articles. 9 of them were 1,000 words or more. This is what I need to do on a regular basis. If I can write 10 or more articles everyday this will rapidly begin to build up the number of page views my articles receive.

If you only have 10 articles online then you must receive an average of 100,000 page views on each article in order to get to the million page views. If you have 200 articles the ratio is lowered to 5,000 views of each article. The more articles you write the sooner you will approach the million page views for your articles.

Once you have a huge number of articles published online and continue to write you will reach the million article views. How soon you reach the million views is up to you. Once you do reach the million article views then the next million will come even faster. Especially if you continue to write a lot of new articles. In theory if we keep writing we could reach a million page views every month on our articles. I'd be happy with a million page views every 6 months for my articles.

You must keep writing articles. Everyday make a concerted effort to publish at least one article and preferable more. As long as you keep writing you will eventually reach the million page views. If you are averaging $10.00 in Adsense revenue then those million page views will equal around $10,000! Hows that for some motivation to write daily.

Your actual CPM will vary but CPM rates for InfoBarrel have been reported to be anywhere from $5.00 CPM to well over $10.00 CPM. $5.00 is the extreme low end. Once your articles have aged your CPM will tend to go up. If you write with out any SEO then you should make at least $5.00 CPM but I suspect it would average around $6.50-$9.00.

Even if you only made $5.00 CPM your million article views would still make you about $5,000.

I can not stress enough how important it is that you continue writing. Don't write 100 articles and quit. Write 100 a month for the next 10 years. You will be investing in you and your families future. You can leave directions on how to access your InfoBarrel account. Upon your death you spouse or child can then set up there own Adsense account and replace your Adsense number with there Adsense number. Upon your death your family can continue to reap the benefits of all of the articles you wrote. If you continue to write and are averaging say $300 a month then when you die your family can continue to receive this money every month from Google Adsense for ever. Make sure that you leave directions on how to do this in case of your death.

Writing articles for InfoBarrel is a great way to help provide for your family when you pass away but your family would be better off receiving $500 or more each month as opposed to a hundred dollar check every three months.

Use this as motivation to continue writing daily as much as possible.

Social Networking

You can drive a lot of traffic to your articles with social network sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and MySpace but I am going to suggest you do this differently. Go ahead and post a few article links to the social network sites you use. If you do not have a FaceBook account go ahead and set one up. You will not be doing much with them at first. Use FaceBook to become friends with anyone you know. Your kids as well as there friends, old class mates, long lost enemies etc. It does not matter. Just get friends but do not spend a lot of time on FaceBook. Instead of playing Farmville on FaceBook you need to be spending your spare time writing articles.

Once you are making $1,000 or more on InfoBarrel then you can begin your mission to drive huge amounts of traffic to your InfoBarrel articles. If you are just making a few dollars a month it will be harder to drive traffic from FaceBook and Twitter. Once you are making large sums of money by writing articles for InfoBarrel then you can set up a fan page about your success on InfoBarrel.

You can label it "How I make $2,000 A Month Writing Articles, You Can Do It To For Free". You will be able to rapidly build up the fan page if your are making a large amount of money. You can give free success tips and a step by step guide on how you make so much money writing for InfoBarrel.

This Fan Page on FaceBook will do a few things. It will drive large amounts of traffic to your articles and it will also give you many new referrals for InfoBarrel. If you have 100 active writers you have referred to InfoBarrel then you will receive 2 percent of there page views. With a lot of active writers this can increase you earnings and page views. This is a great way to increase your InfoBarrel articles page views.

What Else?

As You can see I only posted two steps to get your traffic to a million page views. There are other things you can do such as back linking. The problem for a lot of newer writers is they spend more time back linking then they should be. Back Links are very important but when you are a newer writer on InfoBarrel or a similar writing site you need to spend 95 percent of you writing time actually writing. Once you get 400-500 articles and are earning a large check from Adsense each month you can then begin intensive back linking. Others may disagree but I feel you should spend more time writing.

Out of the two steps I have listed for gaining a million page views the only one that really matters is the first step. Write articles! Write until your fingers bleed and then write more. There are many other items you can do to drive traffic to your articles but if you want to make a lot of money and get a lot of page views each month then you need a huge folio of articles. Concentrate on writing a huge amount of articles and everything else will fall into place. Image Credit: (Flickr/SanAnd)