If you have several kids then you probably need a back to school discount. This can be the one time of year where you have to just buy tons of stuff. This includes school supplies as well as clothing, shoes, and backpacks. This can really add up but you want to make sure that each child is readily stocked for the new school year.

Either shop early or shop at the last minute. There are always a lot of deals that come around right before school starts with really great clearance prices. This really does also apply to school supplies. It allows you to buy in bulk for the whole school year to save both now and in the future. These things include notebooks, pencils, and file folders. Really think about anything that you will be using a lot of then just buy more at the deeply discounted price. You can stash this away in a closet so that you are always prepared.

Another thing about shopping in advance is that it gives you really all summer to look around and get the best deals. However, when you take this approach, you will need to make sure that whatever you buy isn't going to be out of date by the time you get around to using it. This may include going with more staple kinds of items. Your child may change their mind about a favorite pair of shoes or even a favorite color of backpack five times during the summer so you really need to get more staple kind of items and durable pieces this way. You can always add in a few popular items later on.

You can also really learn what you can do without. An easy way to do this is to just teach your child the value of a dollar. You can even implement systems where they can earn money over the summer for the extra kind of school clothes or trendy items that aren't really essentials. This will really help them know how much things cost and how hard it takes to earn them when you go shopping.

Buy what you need now and nothing else. When you go shopping you'll probably see a lot of winter coats and even some clothes. Instead, you may just want to focus on one season at a time. This is going to lend a lot more versatility to your child's wardrobe but it also ensures that you don't have to buy the entire school wardrobe at once. Of course this does mean that you have to go shopping more often and really budget for these additions but it's a great idea if you are in a pinch.

See what you can salvage. Your kid probably wants a new backpack every year. You can just try different craft projects to make it over. You can even design a new sparkly keychain or just clean it up. If some of these pieces are taken care of they can last for several years. In this case, it might be to your advantage to go with a higher-quality piece even though it is going to cost a little bit more. As long as you pick a staple or neutral kind of color then it's going to give you a lot of use.

You can also buy in bulk for multiple kids. Of course, you probably don't want all of your children showing up wearing the exact same outfit, at least they don't want that. However, if you order online you can get some really great deals on school supplies and just buy as many as possible or as many as you'll need just because then you can save on the shipping charges.