So you want a little of the good life, ehh? Well join about 80% of the population. Most people want to make it easy and join the rich and famous with almost no effort. This is possible to some, but for most you have to earn it. Well, hopefully with a little help with this article you can improve your status in society and make some extra money.

Things You Will Need

Good Timing
sycophants(kiss up)

Step 1

Everyone has a image First thing first, you need to look like you should be treated with respect. Our society treats people based on a predetermined image of how you should look. If you want that respect or even chance in some matters you need to look like you are supposed to. This doesn't mean that you have to buy suits and $300 sun glasses, all I am saying is that you need to dress appropriately for what you want. You wouldn't interview for some job selling snow mobiles wearing shorts and a T-shirt, would you?

Step 2

Always smile! Well next thing you have to do is have a good personality. To succeed in life you need some basic character traits like perseverance, determination, sycophant(kiss up), and charisma. One part that many people put highly is talkative and friendly. Social networking is one of the best ways to get noticed by higher up and to start your upward path toward success. Just remember anything from this step make sure to smile and to talk to people.

Step 3

This step is one of the hardest to get, lucky. Many fortunes and downfalls are made purely on luck All I can say on this is keeping trying and stay positive it's bound to shine on you someday.

Step 4

This should help Another hard thing to acquire is good timing. Should I go now or wait, to me is one of the hardest things to learn, but will be learned overtime and experience. Also, that is where people of more experience can aid you.

Step 5

My last step to how to get a little of the good life is simple, humility. So many people will not accept their own faults and have it be there down fall. Everyone makes mistakes and what you take from it is where everyone differs. Also, remember that you can learn from anybody no matter who they are. Being able to accept your faults and ask for help when needed is a huge positive for most people. Well, that is the basics to how succeed. Now realize every situation is different so experiment and find what works best for you. You need to strive to be the best you can and present yourself that way. With each step toward success remember what you read here. Good Luck and best of luck to your new life!

Tips & Warnings

Smile and put emphasis on people's names
Learn as much as you can
Talk to everybody you never know how it will help you later
Avoid making enemies even if you don't like them