Get A Raise in 3 Easy Steps

How to Get A Raise in 3 Easy Steps(92304)For many these days, working a full-time job is a must.  This is mostly due to the increased cost of goods and living at a level where we think our lifestyles should be.  The problem is that with economic constraints effecting everyone and every business, it's getting harder and harder to ask for that well needed raise.  But do not fret!  Whether you're a seasoned veteran or that new green horn everyone picks on in the mailroom, there are certain tactics at your disposal that are not only easy to take action on but also effective. So, how to get a raise in 3 easy steps?

First off, due your research.  It's important to know your figures.  You don't want to go in having chosen a number or percentage off the top of your head.  Be able to back it up.  For this reason it's in your best interest to visit sites devoted to salary transparency.  Simply do a search for a job title and it's salary.  Easy as pie.  Once you've found a site with some releative content,  see how your earnings compare with those of your peers elsewhere.  It's also a great way, if you're looking for a new job, to find out what you should be asking for in a job interview.  Nothing like being put on the spot?

Second, know your timing.  Try to get a hold of your company's fiscal calendar in order to plan your meeting before the annual budget is set.  This way the power's that be will be more liberal in answering your petition for additional income.  Also, choosing which day of the week to ask for a raise is critical.  Shoot for Wednesday, as Monday's are alway busy and by Friday everyone's in weekend mode.

Finally, now that you've had your wind up, make your pitch!   State your love for your job and the company, whether it's valid or not.  Discuss where you see yourself in regards to the company's future.  Now, list at least three accomplishments.  Great examples include, beating deadlines and increasing sales.  Quite often in the sales industry, specifically pharmaceutical sales, associates carry brag books highlighting their accomplishments in the industry.  This is a optimal tactic whatever the industry.  Having one will not only help to highlight what you've done for the company but also keep you organized during your pitch.  Next, explain areas where you're hoping to improve and how.  By doing this you're solidifying yourself in the company's future.  And last, but sure of all not least, name an amount and ask!  Those that do not ask do not receive.  You've got to close the sale.  Put the ball in your superior's court.  You've shown how you're an asset to the company and I'm sure they  would hate to lose someone as valuable as you, so embody that value.  Confidence is key here as well.   If you don't get the amount you're looking for end the meeting by asking when would be a good time to follow up and discuss the topic further.

By doing your research, carefully calculating your timing and finally pitching for that raise that you so justly deserve, you're setting yourself up for a YES or at the very least, a negotiable Yes.  So there you have it, How to Get A Raise in 3 Easy Steps.