Did you know that getting an article featured on InfoBarrel isn't all that difficult and can help you earn more passive income from your writing? If you follow some necessary rules and tips you can get your article featured on the sites home page. There are a number of reasons why you would want to get your article on the main page of InfoBarrel. I hope to provide you with some easy and fast tips on improving your writing and your chances of getting more exposure here at InfoBarrel!

Why Should I Want My Article Featured on InfoBarrel?

There are several advantages to getting your article featured:

- More views instantly.

- You get immediate exposure and more visibility for your article.

- This could lead to more "clicks" and Amazon purchases which can increase your revenue and passive income from your blogs.

- You could get more followers and subscribers to your articles, increasing your credibility and growing a following.

- I believe that getting an article featured will only help your chances of ranking higher on Google, which will lead to more money in your pocket.

- This also really helps InfoBarrel. When a high quality is posted on their site it helps both you and them with more views and readership. As they get more views and more of a following, it helps both parties!

I've gotten 11 articles featured so far on InfoBarrel and sometimes this has led to an immediate increase in earnings.

On one article "How to Invest in Gold Without Actually Buying It," the article received over 1,000 views which I don't think would have happened if it wasn't featured. This led to some sales as well.

- Increase credibility of articles by getting them featured.

Probably my most successful article on InfoBarrel is "Top 5 Money Books of All-Time" where I write about my favorite books on investing and personal finance.

This article was successful because it went "viral" on Facebook after the author of one of the books I listed posted it on his Facebook page. *He saw the story on InfoBarrel's homepage. I doubt he would have done this if the article wasn't featured and wasn't on the homepage.

- Increase Social Media Shares and Presence - I believe that users on InfoBarrel are more likely to share the story on Facebook or Twitter if the article is featured on the front page of the site.

- You will also really enjoy the recognition and want to share your article with your friends and family!

InfoBarrel Featued ArticlesCredit: InfoBarrel.com

How to Get Featured Articles on InfoBarrel

Here are some useful tips:

1) Include pictures to support your writing. You have no chance of getting featured if you do not include a picture. I also like including pictures because when somebody clicks on the picture it takes them to another page, which can increase your chances of making money.

2) Don't have any spelling errors - do a simple spell check after you finish the article. No excuses! You should also write your articles on Microsoft Word first which also has a spell check. Plus, this is safer to do if you save your articles on MS Word first - you never know what can happen.

3) Write longer than 500 words and write a good article in general. Longer articles increase your chances of getting featured.

4) The article should be well formatted and easy to read.

5) Don't copy from someone else and if you quote someone, make sure you mention it.

You have to choose a topic from the list each month to get featured. Submit for a feature here - http://www.infobarrel.com/editorialSubmission.php

Other Tips for Making Money on InfoBarrel - Enter the Contests

Did you know that InfoBarrel has one of the most generous payment systems out there?

InfoBarrel already pays a nice 70 percent adshare with writers however, writing points increase your ad share by 5% when you pass 20 points, and another 5% when you pass 30 points, for a total writing points bonus of 10%. You should also submit 5 articles each month to be featured - this will net you another 5 percent increase (one percent each submit).

You should take advantage of this every month and get the maximum 90 percent adsense share!

You can also win prizes for your writing. Here is the InfoBarrel prize breakdown:


  • Member with the most points - $100USD Amazon.com gift card
  • Member with the second most points - $50USD Amazon.com gift card
  • Member with the third most points - $25USD Amazon.com gift card

How do Points Work?

  • 1 Point - 500+ Words
  • 2 Points - 800+ Words
  • 5 Points - 1000+ words

 Other Quick Tips on Writing for InfoBarrel for Passive Income

- "Do you have to write about topics you are an expert in?" While it would certainly help if you were, it's not absolutely necessary. If you want to write about a topic you are not 100 percent an expert in, you can study the topic before you write the article.

I see a lot of writers here blogging about a wide range of topics, and I doubt they are experts in every topic they write about.

- "How do you find things to write about?" Honestly you can write about almost anything. You can search for items on Amazon or you can write about products you love yourself.

- You might want to consider searching for keywords on Google's free keyword research tool - this will help you find less competitive keywords to blog about, which will increase your potential to rank high on Google and make more money.

- I've learned that blogging isn't something that will immediately make you thousands of dollars of month - it takes some time and learning. But I think if you are a patient person and can learn from your mistakes, you will succeed.

- Sites like InfoBarrel have a great, supportive community of writers to learn from. You should try and learn from the most successful people and you should try to duplicate their success! You are not trying to reinvent the wheel, here - if it's been done before, you can do it, too.

Join InfoBarrel right now if you haven't yet and start making money from your writing!

Thanks for reading this article on how to get featured on InfoBarrel and why I think you should try to do it!