I will be showing you how to get free iTunes AppStore applications for free using Installous.

Things You Will Need

iPhone or iPod Touch
Internet access on your iDevice wifi or 3G

Step 1

First of all you need a jailbroken iDevice. Your iPhone can't use cracked applications unless it's jailbroken. To jailbreak your iDevice click here it's easy.
Once you have jailbroken or if you already did continue to step 2.

Step 2

cydiaOn your jailbroken device you will need to open Cydia. If you followed the tutorial above and can't find Cydia open blackra1n app and install Cydia.

Step 3

manage222Once in Cydia you will need to wait for it to load and then click on manage on the bottom right part.manage222

Step 4

sources22After you clicked on manage you need to click on the sources tab.

Step 5

fdfdsfOnce in the sources window in the top tab edit.

Step 6

asddThen you need to hit add.

Step 7

addsourceYour almost done now you need to type in the source "http://cydia.hackulo.us" (without the quotes)

Step 8

seachbuttonJust follow the steps that pop-up and you will be home free. This will add a few apps to Cydia. One of these apps is called Installous. Installous is pretty much a replica iTunes AppStore, but the main difference. Everything is free, everything!
- After you have loaded the "cydia.hackulo.us" source you will need to hit the search button.

Step 9

installsdAfter you opened up the search, type in Installous and open the link for Installous. Then click install!

Step 10

installousOnce you have completed all of the above you should have the Installous icon in your springboard so close Cydia and open Installous.

Step 11

installous homeAfter you have opened Installous search for any application you want, I will show you how by searching and installing "Plants vs. Zombies" follow the screenshots bellow.
installous home

Step 12

plants vs zombiesThen click the game you want.
plants vs zombies

Step 13

download appOpen it then go to the downloads section./
download app

Step 14

text boxType in the text in the box then hit download, after that you need to click install.
text boxinstall the thing

Step 15

install the thingAfter the application downloads you are 100% done you can now close Installous and play the game.
play it

If the game does not show up on the springboard it will work all you need to do is go to iTunes AppStore and download a free application. Once you do that re-install the application and it will work. I hope you enjoy getting applications that cost money for free with Installous. In the AppStore Plants vs. Zombies is $2.99 and I got it for free.

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