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courtesy of AmazonMany designers such as Coach often manufacture a product surplus. Often many of the less pristine products will sent to different outlets and sold at a discount. This is great news for the Coach lovers who cannot afford to buy their precious handbags at retail prices. There are many Coach outlet stores across America who buy Coach products in bulk and are able to offer you top quality products at a good discount.

When purchasing your Coach bag, it is important to do this from a reputable source. Purchase it directly from Coach, from a reputable Coach outlet, or reputable online retailers like Amazon and Ebay has coupons to get coach bags discounts. Just search for "Coach Bag Coupons."

courtesy of Amazon (38910)These bags are so coveted that there are many places online that are selling Coach bags and are not authorized to sell it. Equally, there are many shady vendors who are also sell fakes and knock-offs while advertising them as "authentic".

Protect yourself and purchase your Coach bags from a reputable source. Go to the Coach website. Under the handbags tab, you will find a list of authorized Coach outlets in your city and state. Some of the store are brand new and are either just opening or won't be open until later months in 2011, but at least you can find their address, phone number and hours of operation.

Since this is such an investment, if you buy Coach bags online through a reputable vendor or through the Coach Discount outlet, make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Take the bag home, if you are dealing with an authorized outlet and inspect it. Is it the perfect match for your shoes? Does it wear well on my shoulders? Are there any blemishes that I cannot live with that I did not see when I bought it? Is it big enough to hold my things? Was it as small as I wanted it to be?

Really, make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. This is also why it is important when buying online to make sure the vendor is reputable and has a reasonable return policy. You should be able to purchase it, inspect it and return it within a reasonable amount of time if you are not satisfied.

courtesy of Amazon (38911)Your designer bag collection is as important as your jewelry collection, your watch collection and your shoe collection. Coach bags will always be valuable so keep them in good condition so they will always look brand new.

Again, never buy Coach bags from a dealer unless they are an authorized internet dealer like Amazon or an authorized Coach outlet. Whether you are spending $80 or $800 for your Coach bag, you might as well pay for the original and the best.


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