Have you lately gone through a separation and are now left wondering, how to get back together with my ex? You might want to try to score your ex back right away, and this is a widespread feeling that all of us go through.

You might realize you are going into a depression, and you could possibly be wondering what the next step is. You might want to call up your ex right away to plead with them and try to persuade them to return to the relationship.

However, is this really going to work? Instead of improving things, doing this would probably just make everything a lot harder; it will only push your ex further from you.

What you really need to do now is the opposite of what your emotions are. If you have considered the idea of calling up your ex, don't do it!

Do you feel as though remaining indoors and crying all the time is the answer? You're wrong! Rather, stick to these three basic steps, and you will find the solution you need to that ancient question of, "How do I get back together with my ex?".

Step #1 - How to get back together with your ex - Endure the Separation!

Primarily, you must accept that this break up is occurring. Inform your ex that this is alright, and enable the "moving on" process to start.

As soon as this is done, it will reduce a huge amount of the anxiety and worry that both of you are going through. Your ex will require the time to think things over, and this will enable you to have time for considering your options, as well. If your ex recognizes that they still are in love with you, they will seek a means by which to return to you.

Step #2 - How to get back with your ex: Hold off on trying to contacting them!

Never make the effort to get a hold of your ex at this time. You need to halt all contact with them so that there is some "thinking time" for the both of you. This might appear to be paradoxical, but by ceasing contact, you are showing that you have already moved on and are doing alright.

This enables your ex to mull over the relationship and how they feel regarding its worth. This also enables them to have some time to start missing you once more.

Once you have separated from each other and calmed your emotions, this could be the best time to allow them to figure out how special you were to them.

Step #3 - How to get back with your ex: Come up with a Plan for the Get Together

As soon as you have finished these two steps, you can begin sorting out a plan on when to meet, where to meet and what you should talk about when you meet.

This permits you to get a better picture as to whether or not they still love you, as well as find if there is any chance that the two of you will get back together or not.

"How to get back with my ex?" will probably be a little harder than these three steps above entail. However, they make a great starting point and will increase the chance of you getting back together with your ex.

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