Any time there is a breakup in a relationship, what happens after that breakup is very important and must be handled with care.

You must handle all of your actions very carefully, no matter how you feel, otherwise you my ruin all opportunities of winning her back.

You must consider all of this when trying to win your girlfriend back.

What happened in order to cause her to call off the relationship? No matter if you are aware of what caused her to break off your relationship, odds are you did something to irritate her, otherwise she would still be with you.

Once you figure out or know what you did wrong, you must figure out how you intend to make it right, not only in your eyes but in hers as well.

If the break up was all your fault and you know this, you must somehow show her that you recognize this that it was your fault and that you are truly sorry for your actions and the result of your actions.

Even as you are attempting to get your ex back, you should continue to talk and hang out with other people and your friends. Forgetting about the world around you isn't going to make her come back any faster if at all, it will only make you more miserable.

Partying with your friends is not off limits, just like going on dates with other girls isn't either, you and her have to realize that the world isn't going to stop turning because you aren't together any more.

Enjoying the company of other people may even work as a benefit to your over all goal by causing your ex to become slightly jealous of the girls your hanging out with.

You must also find a balance in showing her that you have moved on, but that you still want her to be happy as well. This is the best way to earn your girlfriend back.

Be sure to show her that you do still want her in your life and that you haven't completely moved on, and you will become more desirable in her eyes.

The final key to getting your ex back is becoming friends with her. This will build back the closeness and the trust that you each had in one another when you were together.

Once all of this has been done you can casually ask her in conversation why you broke up at all, but be sure to do this in a way so as not to appear desperate.

She will respond one of two ways, either saying that you shouldn't have broken up in the first place or, she will tell why and that it was for the better. Depending on the answer, you will choose your further actions.

This is only the beginning in getting your ex back into your life. Though they are not my original ideas, I followed these tips in order to attempt to win back the woman I love.

T 'Dub' Jackson is the author of, "The Magic of Making Up", an invaluable resource I read when I needed to know how to win over the love of my life.

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