Probably one of the coolest thing about going to a concert, is getting to see the bands live, but even better getting to meet them face-to-face. And of course for that you need to know how to get backstage passes. There is some things that you can do, to be backstage in these concerts. Actually you can have better chances if you become a fan on facebook, participate on their twitter account and watch out for tickets on the radio for free tickets, and show that you're a true fan by somehow promoting their music. With all the online tools we have these days is easy to catch their attention.

Things You Will Need

Facebook, Twitter, Internet, Phone, everything you can to be in the look out for FREE concert tickets.

Step 1

Most, if not every band these days has a website online where you can sign up to be a fan. Find your favorite artist fan club and become a fan. By staying on top of what's happening and commenting, sometimes even talking outside the site about what's going on, on their site makes you stand out from the other fans. If you can email them personally do it. Sometimes it can take time to get through the thousands of emails, but they will respond to you.

Step 2

Staying on top of the most current contest and entering them is crucial. If you don't, it can cost you free concert tickets or backstage passes. Sometimes the people promoting the contest are connected to the bands or artist, if you win the tickets you can communicate with them and ask for backstage passes if it's possible.

Step 3

If they know who you are, they'll be more willing to help you win if they see that you're a true fan. By being active on all the stations that play your artist music, and finding out about when and where will concerts will be for your artist, you are ahead of the competition. Request to these station for contest to your favorite artist too if they haven't had one. By dressing up very nice and looking attractive you can also improve your chances of going backstage with your favorite bands. They typically like to pick the good looking ones to come to the back. If you find anybody that you know is with the band start talking with them. The worst that can happen is you get called backstage, and that's not that bad I would say.

Tips & Warnings

You should know its not easy to get backstage passes to concerts. Also it's very important that you act normal if you get the passes. You don't want to seem to desperate or crazy, this makes band members a little uncomfortable and uncertain. As long as you're like most of your friends you'll be okay.

Be sure to always be listening to your local stations for ticket to the concerts and be ready to call immediately.