To get a good shoulder workout be prepared to hurt more than working out any other muscle group. I find really making the shoulders burn with heavy weights and supersets to be the best way for growth. I work my shoulders with my chest so read this article in tandem with my How to Get a Big Chest article to get a full view of my muscle-building routine for the upper body.

My shoulders routine is split off into two different categories. The power day where the deltoids and traps are the first muscle groups I exercise and the form day where they are the second group I exercise after my chest. While the second "Form" half of most of my workouts are generally easier than the first "Power" half, that is not the case with the shoulders. After blasting the chest with a lot of bench presses and ending with the Incline Press, I go straight into my shoulder routine with them already worked out quite well.

Power Day

Coupled with the Form Day for Chest, this is my current routine:

3 sets of heavy Shoulder Presses X 8 reps (or to failure)
3 sets of Shoulder Presses X 15 reps superset with 10 reps of Lateral Raises (total 25 reps per set)
1 set of Shoulder Presses X 10 reps
3 sets of Upright Rows X 10 reps

For the Shoulder Presses in the superset I use 60% of the weight I would use for the first 3 sets. I prefer to use the machine press rather than free weights at this point in time. The machine Shoulder Press forces me to have perfect form even with heavy weights. For the first three sets I go to failure for each set. If I find myself consistently hitting 8 reps for all three sets I move on to a heavier weight. The shoulders can bear a lot of pressure so don't be afraid to push them. My shoulders have been the only muscle group where I haven't experienced a minor injury despite consistently pushing their limits.

For the Upright Rows I find it ok to cheat during the Power workout as I am going for maximum weight so I end up working out a lot of my other muscle groups in addition to my traps.

Form Day

The Form Day for my Shoulders is coupled with the Power Day for my Chest, and performed after that portion of my workout is completed. This is my current routine:

4 sets of Shoulder Presses X 10 reps
3 sets of Upright Rows X 10 reps
3 sets of Lateral Raises X 10 reps

Unlike the Upright Rows on my Power Day, these Upright Rows are performed with strict form to get a deep pump within my trapezius muscles. The Shoulder Presses start of with 75% of the weight I would normally use on my power day.

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