Everybody does bleed; only the causes vary. Whether you wake up nose bleeding in winter or you bruise yourself with a knife in the kitchen, blood can easily get on your clothes and this can be upsetting particularly if the blood stains your favorite shirt or dress. If you have a delicate fabric, it becomes even trickier to remove the stain. Actually, the protein component in blood is what makes it hard to do away with the stain. Often, wrong stain removal treatments will aggravate the problem. For instance, if you soak blood stained clothes in water, the blood protein will clot, causing it to get trapped within the cloth layers.

Removing Blood Stains from Clothes

When trying to remove blood from your shirt fabric, you obviously, would not prefer using strong chemicals on your shirt, as they may damage your clothes. This article highlights simple ways to get blood stains from your clothes without damaging them.

Lemon/Lime JuiceLemon juiceCredit: www.upstairsdownstairscleaning.com

Natural bleaching properties play an essential role in alleviating blood from clothes. Take half a cup of salt and 2 cups containing lemon juice in a bowl. Place the stained dress on any flat surface and then pour the bowl's mixture on the whole stained region. Let the salt and lemon juice mixture soak into the cloth in about 10 minutes. After this, scrub the place with your hands. The marks will fade out after a while. Rinse the region using cold water and then dry it in direct sunlight. Lastly, use plain water to wash off the dress. This will help to rinse off the salt and lemon mixture.

Baking SodaBaking SodaCredit: www.wikihow.com

Baking soda contains chemicals that can help to clean up blood stains accordingly. To achieve this, you need to wet the affected clothing area with cold water and then sprinkle a sizable quantity of baking soda around it. You can leave it for about 15 minutes before checking it out. You will realize that the stain will fade out though it will not disappear fully. You should repeat the same procedure three to four times after an interval of 15 minutes. If you do this, the marks will disappear. Finally, you should wash off your cloth in the washing machine.

Hydrogen PeroxideHydrogen PeroxideCredit: www.thriftyfun.com

Hydrogen peroxide is another blood stain removal agent. To use it, you should first, scrape out any remnants of the blood clot from your cloth using a blunt knife or spoon. This will simplify the task for you. You should then use a cotton ball to add some amount of hydrogen peroxide on the stained part. 

Depending on the stain's severity, it may take a few seconds to several minutes before the stain marks disappear. If you are dealing with mild stains, they will be gone within a few seconds. Nonetheless, for those stains covering a huge portion, you will need to apply hydrogen peroxide a few times in order to remove the blood completely.

Meat TenderizerMeat TenderizerCredit: www.wikihow.com

Many people wonder how possible it is to remove blood marks from clothing using the meat tenderizer. Of course, it is astounding but a meat tenderizer plays an amazing role in removing these stains from clothes. To work this out, you should soak your cloth for around an hour inside cold water. This helps to lighten the stains. You should then remove the cloth from water and place a little amount of tenderizer to the cold water. Take the dress back to the mixture and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes. Lastly, wash your cloth from its back to the front.

AmmoniaAmmoniaCredit: www.realsimple.com

You can use Ammonia on a wide variety of fabrics, including delicate ones, to remove blood stains. Mix an equal volume of water and ammonia to prepare a cleansing solution. Dip a sponge inside the prepared solution and then dab the same sponge on the blood marks. When you do this, the marks will reduce significantly. If you're dealing with a washable fabric, you should apply a detergent on the part treated with ammonia in order to clean the blood marks completely. Lastly, using water, wash off the soap and if the fabric is dry cleanable, rinse the region with cold water and rub off a dry towel around the area to help dry out the water.

VinegarVinegarCredit: brokelyn.com

Straight vinegar will work wonders in removing blood stains from clothes. You should apply vinegar directly to a blood stained region and blot. After removal of the stain, blot again using a damp cloth in order to do away with the smell. Finally, launder the cloth as usual.


Dish-washing DetergentDishwashing detergentCredit: mamawsplace4.blogspot.com

A small amount of the dish washing liquid helps to remove these stains. Depending on how severe the stained area is, you can either dilute the detergent with water or use its full strength and then blot the marks to eliminate them. After removing the blood, you should blot the second time using a damp cloth. Finally, you should launder the fabric as usual.

Removing Dried Blood Stains from Clothes

Two possible ways can help to remove dried blood marks from clothing: soap and cold water. 

Cold Water

To use cold water, you should run the water over the stained region for a few minutes to make the fabric soft. The other option is soaking the cloth in cold water then washing off with your hands after a few minutes. 


Rub bath or bar soap directly on the stained part. Leftover soaps are very effective for this role, so don't throw them out. After soaping the stained part, rub your cloth together in those stained spots. Rinse using cold water and repeat till all the marks disappear. Wash with a detergent and rinse thoroughly before you dry the clothes in the sun.


After getting blood marks off your clothes, you need to dry the clothes properly. Avoid using a drier to dry the clothes. This is because if any blood marks remained in the cloth, the heat will spread them throughout the fabric and removing them will be extremely hard. Instead, after removing the stains using any of the above methods, you should dry the clothes in the sun and you will be amazed at how sunlight eliminates any traces of stains that were left behind the cloth. Besides, you should always try to tackle the stains immediately.

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