How to Get Butter Stains Out of Clothes

You're eating one of your favorite meals, talking - laughing and enjoying yourself when you look down and realize you've just dropped a blob of butter on your clothes. You immediately start wondering how to get butter stains out of clothes?

You're not the first person nor will you be the last to ask this question and the methods for how to get butter stains out of clothes will vary depending on the fabric(s) involved. Generally speaking there are washable fabrics such as acrylic, cotton, linen, polyester and spandex as well as non-washable fabrics like wool, burlap, silk and rayon. This article will focus on washable fabrics.

There are two basic approaches here, the commercial approach for how to get butter stains out of clothes and the home remedy approach for how to get butter stains out of clothes. The later of which includes a variety of methods discovered by home users over the years.

Before trying any of these methods you should always test the solution on a small non-visible area of the fabric first to ensure it won't break down the fabric, leech the color or cause any other harm before applying the treatment. Failure to do this first could result in a ruined garment!

The Commercial Approach – These are the methods commercial detergent manufacturers would most commonly have you follow to get butter stains out of clothes.

· Remove the excess butter while trying not to embed or grind in the butter any further (scrape, don't wipe).

· Pre-treat the area with a commercial stain remover, blot the area that contains the butter stain and launder as usual.

· If time doesn't allow immediate washing of the garment, put the garment on an absorbent pad to help get the as much of the butter stains out of the clothes as possible until you can put it in the wash.

Home Remedies Approach – These methods were compiled by home users from all over on how to get butter stains out of clothes and as previously stated should be tested prior to arbitrarily usage. Please note I have not personally tested these myself so I cannot vouch for their effectiveness. That being said, home remedies usually are the best!

· "Dawn takes grease out of your way!", it stands to reason if it can cut grease from your dishes it can demonstrate how to get butter stains out of your clothes too and many home users would agree. Use as a pre-wash treatment then wash normally.

· If shampoo removes oils from hair it's not a big leap to see how it might also work on getting butter stains out of clothes too. Dab the shampoo on both sides of the stain, let set for 5-10 minutes and wash normally.

· Cheez Whiz. Yep, go figure – Cheez Whiz is loaded with natural enzymes that break up organic greases and oils making it the perfect stain remover to get butter stains out of clothes. Work a generous amount of Cheez Whiz into the affected area and allow it to sit 10 minutes then throw it into the wash. Even if you don't eat Cheez Whiz it still might be a good idea to keep a can with the laundry supplies!

· Grease Hand Cleaner like Goop. Mechanics use this stuff all the time to clean their hands after working on automobiles. It can work well on clothes too. Put a small amount on the stain, rub it in thoroughly and wash as normal.

There are a variety of other less common methods for how to get butter stains out of clothes including wd-40, hairspray and even coca-cola to name a few. As not all butters have the same ingredients, you may have to try several of the methods above to figure out how to get butter stains out of your clothes once and for all.

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