Cardboard standups of celebrities, sports people and friends and relatives are a great thing to bring along to a birthday party, retirement party or any other occasion. For a small business a cardboard standup of a celebrity can be used as a cheap publicity tool for trade shows and to leave standing outside a store in order to publisise a new product or service. Needless to say a cardboard standup celebrity will be a lot cheaper than hiring the real thing!

Here are some ideas of how to get your hands on the cardboard standup of your dreams...

Getting unwanted cardboard standups

Cardboard standups are often used to endorse new movies, DVDs, TV shows or music. Stores will usually dump the cardboard standup of the celebrity endorsing the product to make room for the next product. The best way to get your hands on a celebrity cardboard standup is to ask the shop to keep it for you once they're done with it. Note that cardboard standups are very popular, and expect a cardboard standup of Lady Gaga or the hunky stars of Twilight to quickly get new owners!

Buying cardboard standups

There are plenty of art companies online that will deliver a cardboard standup straight to your door. Companies that provide this service include eLifesize. Sometimes these services are expensive, especially if you want a one off cardboard standup or one to be custom designed. There are also often big delivery charges, plus you have to make sure someone is at home to receive your standee.

To save money it's best to choose a cardboard standup of someone who is very popular, as this minimises construction costs. Most of the companies providing this service also offer volume discounts, or free delivery if you order several standees at the same time.

Making your own cardboard standups

If you don't have the cash to buy a cardboard standup then how about making your own? Apart from potentially saving you money, making your own cardboard standup also has other benefits, including:

  • You can make as many cardboard standup people as you want
  • You can make cardboard standups of anyone you choose. You can even make cardboard standups of your pets and even objects such as clouds.
  • It's a lot of fun!
  • If you get experienced at making them then you might have the beginnings of a home based business. Your friends, relatives and local businesses will probably pay you good money for custom building them cardboard standups. Once you have mastered how to create them they probably wouldn't take very long to make either.

There are a few software products you can buy to help you create a cardboard standup. Most of these software applications don't need any expensive materials, and you can use a standard home printer attached to your computer. Although the software costs a few dollars, the good thing is that you can make as many cardboard standups as you want with it.