Computer equipment recycling is among the best revenue producing industries in America today, but that does not indicate that this is only a venture for the "big guys." There are several people that have made a generous income on obsolete computer equipment that sat in attics for decades or were abandoned to the local dump. Disassembling junk computers is not just for large businesses. You can get start today, disassembling computers in your own home and selling your e-scrap online; but not just any place online!

The money that you can make is limitless. Just think about the thousands of computers and other electronic products that are tossed out each day. Start by looking around for junk computers and computer equipment in your city and surrounding areas. Then, locate a well established, trustworthy electronic scrap or "e-scrap" buyer that will buy your inventory. See the easy 12 step process below to learn hos easy it is to take a computer apart.

Things You Will Need

  • An understanding of the value of computer scrap.
  • Where to sell your electronic scrap online.
  • Where to request a FREE FedEx Label.
  • Where to send your electronic scrap.
  • How to get paid more cash.

Step 1

Shut down the computer, then, unplug it from the electrical receptacle.

Step 2

Ground yourself to prevent static discharge using a wrist strap or other equivalent method.

Step 3

Open the computer case.

Step 4

Remove the circuit boards from the motherboard (main board).

Step 5

Remove the RAM (memory sticks) from the slots in the motherboard.

Step 6

Disconnect the power harness (wiring) connectors and any other wiring connectors from the CD drive(s), DVD drive(s), hard drive(s), and any other components.

Step 7

Remove each component (hard drive, etc.) one-by-one taking out the screws fastening each component to the computer chassis and carefully extracting each device from the chassis. Set these devices aside. They might need further dismantling.

Step 8

Remove the heat sync from the central processing unit (CPU) unless of course it is part of the processor itself (Note: heat syncs might be made of aluminum or other recyclable metals).

Step 9

Disconnect the power supply cabling from the motherboard.

Step 10


Step 11

Disconnect the power cables connecting the motherboard and fans and other devices.

Step 12

Unscrew the main board from the computer chassis and remove it.

Congratulations! Your computer is now totally disassembled.

OK, so this might look like a lot of work for just one computer. Then again, what if you gather all the outdated computers from your friends and neighbors; just think of all the money you can make. Then, keep repeating this practice again and again. Remember, there is no limit to the cash that can be produced in view of the thousands of computers that are discarded each day. Get started now by hunting for obsolete computer equipment in nearby residential areas and elsewhere. Find a reliable electronic scrap or "e-scrap" recycler that will pay top dollar for your inventory.