High Performance Insurance

Many people spend their entire lives saving up money to purchase their dream car. Unfortunately, many luxury car insurance policies can make it nearly impossible for owners to enjoy their dream cars without emptying their wallets. Fortunately, here are 6 tips on how to get cheap car insurance for high performance cars:

1. Shop around for the best rates.

When you want to get the very best insurance policy and rates, you need to take the time to shop around. By checking with various insurance companies, you will be able to choose what policy best fits your needs. However, it is very important that you avoid getting the very cheapest policy since there is the possibility that it could be lacking important coverage options.

If you do not like to shop around yourself, you can choose an insurance broker to work with. Fortunately, there are many to be found online that can help you get car insurance for your high performance vehicle. All you will need to do is provide the broker with the necessary details, and they will take care of gathering and comparing quotes for you to choose from.

2. Assess how much you actually drive the vehicle.

When preparing a policy, assess just how much you drive your luxury vehicle. For example, if you only take the car out once a week for a drive around the countryside, you may qualify for limited mileage policies. With a limited mileage policy, you will not have to pay as much money if you only drive your vehicle for a few thousand miles per year.

3. Tell your insurance company about any modifications done to the car.

To accurately assess the value of your vehicle, it is important to let your insurance company know about any modifications. Most owners do not notify insurance companies when they make modifications for fear that it will increase the rates. However, there are times when certain modifications may actually decrease the rates as well.

4. Consider joining an owners club.

If you join an owners club, you may be able to enjoy discounts (depending on the insurance company). Luckily, enthusiasts often take much better car of their vehicles, and that is why insurance companies will consider offering discounts with membership.

Just some of the owners clubs that you may be interested in joining (depending on what kind of car you own) include:

* BMW Historic Motor Club UK
* Classic Chevrolet Club
* Devon Vintage Car Club
* Ferrari Owners Club
* Porsche Club GB

5. Consider earning advanced driving qualifications.

If you take advanced driving courses, you may be eligible for a 25% discount on your car insurance (depending on the provider). In addition to saving you money on your policy, the courses can help give you more skills to feel confident while driving.

Such driving courses that you should consider include:

* PassPlus. PassPlus is a practical training course designed to help drivers improve their skills and drive more safely. It takes at least 6 hours to complete and is most beneficial to new drivers.

* Any Driver BTEC. Any Driver BTEC is another practical training course designed for new and experience drivers alike. However, Any Driver BTEC is especially handy to have on your CV if you are looking for a job that requires driving.

* IAM. IAM is a charity dedicated to raising driving standards across the UK. By taking the Skill for Life course, you will improve your driving skills to help make you a safer driver.

* RoSPA. RoSPA offers a number of different advanced driving courses to help you safely manage the roads.

6. Keep your car in the garage.

If you keep your high performance car safely locked away in a garage when not in use, you may be able to enjoy cheaper insurance rates. Along with keeping your vehicle in a garage, you should additionally install a security system that may also help save you money on your policy.

By following these 6 tips on how to get cheap car insurance for high performance cars, you will be able to enjoy driving your dream car with less stress.

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