Automobile Insurance Coverage for young drivers is generally very high. Insurance for this group can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. So why is insurance so expensive for young drivers?

The truth is just a matter of numbers.

The risk of a crash is highest during the first year of having a license. Overall, teenagers are as much as four times more likely than the average driver to be in an auto accident. Teens also have the lowest usage of seat belts among any group.

Generally, car insurance premiums don’t start going down significantly until the age of 25. Thus, securing cheap car insurance for young people can be a real challenge. However, there are some things you can do in the meantime. Insurance companies still want to provide insurance to as many drivers as they can.

Here are some helpful hints and insight to get cheap car insurance for young people.

Get on your family policy. This is a good way to lower your rate if you are a young new driver. It isn’t always the best long-term option since there are a number of requirements (including that you usually live in the same household), but it can still be valuable for a period of time if you want to get cheap insurance for young people.  

Take a Driving Course. Make sure they have taken a formal driving course. Insurance companies tend to give discounts to young people that have taken a formal course--discounts as high as 10%.

Drive a car that is older and/or inexpensive. Many older cars don't need collision/comprehensive coverage since the cost to insure the car is probably doesn't make sense given how much the car is worth.

Drive a car with safety features. In addition to driving that a car that is inexpensive, be sure to consider one that has enhanced safety features like anti-lock brakes, side air bags, traction control, and theft deterrent systems are just a few. A vehicle with these safety items can have a profound impact on insurance premiums.

Make sure you get good grades! While good grades are always a good thing to aim for, it is also helpful in getting cheaper insurance. Insurance companies generally believe that kids with higher grades are less likely to be reckless behind the wheel.

Get involved in your community. Along with getting grades, get involved some insurance companies give discounts to young people that are involved in community programs, professional organizations and even alumni associations.

Keep a safe driving record. Even a simple ticket that results in the loss of points can severely impact your car premium if you haven't been driving very long and impede your ability to get cheap car insurance for young people.  

Build Credit. Work on establishing a good credit history and improving your credit score. Again, insurance companies think that folks with good credit scores are less likely to get in a car accident. While credit can take a while to build, get started now as it can continue to save you money over the years.

Most of all, you should learn to shop around. Some insurance companies are generally more friendly towards younger drivers than others. At the end of the day, finding cheap car insurance for young people is possible with a little work and diligence on your part.