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Believe it or not there are affordable student laptops. When you are on a tight budget and can rarely afford those cool gadgets and latest electronic devices, it is frustrating. Being a poor or broke college student without parental help or on tightly managed student financial aid that barely covers tuition and textbooks, it is hard. That is why cheap discount laptops and discount school supplies are important. Getting an affordable student laptop ranks high on the college school supply list.

Low income folks generally find ways to get their needs met. When your budget is tight, but you need a laptop for school, it is important to find ways to finance cheap discounts laptops for college. These are some money saving ideas for students, and others with limited income. Following them will help you find affordable student laptops, some that are cheap, discounted laptops. The first idea is to ask your friends if any of them are selling their laptops. Buying used laptops are cheaper priced and it's a great way to find discount computers. Sometimes you can save big money when a friend or their parents, etc., are upgrading their laptop. This can mean they wont mind selling their old laptop cheap. Hand me downs through friends is a great way of getting cheap discount laptops. A fact about laptops is that although the manufacturers are constantly coming up with new ideas, used laptops work fantastic and are much cheaper. It you are going to get a cheap discount laptop for college when you are broke then the latest operating system does not matter. Having Windows 7 is not as important as having a working cheap discount laptop that does have wireless internet and works. Cheap discount laptops can always be upgraded. Buy a discount laptop in good working order. Laptops are definitely must have college supplies. Some prefer using Macbooks and other Mac computer products. Check out used and refurbished Mac laptops to purchase a cheap Mac.

Buying Discount Laptop Computers

The second way to get a cheap discount laptop for college is to use layaway. Layaway is a form of payment at certain stores that allows you to put down a percentage of the total price and then make payments. The only thing about layaway is that you would not get the actual cheap discount laptop until payment is made in full, which can take a few months. But, this is actually a good thing for you because at the end you are able to have a fully paid for new laptop while other people are paying their overblown credit cards payments for their overpriced laptops. When you get a cheap laptop for college using layaway they wont add on extra insane amounts of interest, which is what you'd be paying if you bought your laptop computer with a credit card. You pick out your cheap discount laptop, pay a percentage down, they keep it at the store while you make payments, and then you finish off the last payment and become the proud owner of a new cheap laptop. There are several stores that have layaway, so this will enable you to choose and get a cheap discount laptop for college even when you are broke. Sears is a great store to use layaway to buy a cheap discount laptop. Another place you might be able to get cheap discount laptops for college is, an online layaway store.

Renting Laptops

It may not end up being a cheap discount laptop, but another option is rent to own. Getting a rent to own laptop will increase the end price and there will be more interest, but when it will enable you to make smaller payments while actually having the laptop in your possession. This is not the number one recommendation for getting a cheap discount laptop for college or other times, but it is there when necessary. Make sure that the rent to own business is reputable. There is one, Rent-A-Center that is a chain, and they seem fairly reputable. Just remember that if you sign the contract to get a cheap discount laptop from them then if you miss a payment they will be knocking on your door to get it back. One way to make the cheap discount laptop cheaper at this place is by asking for already rented equipment. The total cost is discounted more when the previous customer could not afford to keep paying, leaving you with a cheaper laptop.

Cheap Discount Refurbished Laptops for Students

If you want to get cheap discount laptops for college then buy a refurbished one. Too many people make the mistake of buying the latest and greatest, smoking hot, just released models of every electronic device that comes out. If that is in the budget then fine, but for many people who are heading to college or are already college students then that is not realistic,and they need the best discounts on everything. If you want to get a good priced cheap discount laptop for college then buying a refurbished laptop is almost certainly one of the ways to go. Many of the big chain electronic stores like Fry's Electronics or Dell carry refurbished computers and cheap refurbished laptops. All this means is that they took an older model and upgraded it, but yes it likely means that it is a used laptop. Oh well. If you are looking for an affordable computer and want to buy a cheap discount laptop for college or home then refurbished laptops are great. In fact, if it was not for the fact that you actually knew it was a refurbished laptop then most likely you would not notice. These refurbished cheap discount laptops for college have everything that you need. Two other good places to shop for them are Amazon and Overstock. Both of those companies carry refurbished laptops at good prices, making buying a laptop affordable for college students and regular folks without a lot of money.

Lastly, look online at places like Craigslist if you want to get a cheap discount laptop for college. Sometimes people sell affordable laptops. Other times you might be able to get your cheap discount laptop by trading something you have for it. Maybe you have a great digital camera that you can trade with someone for a deal on a laptop for school. Bartering for a cheap laptop for school works if you have cash plus a trade item. Bartering and trading is a great way to get more expensive items at discount prices. Make sure to get a messenger bag or laptop case as well to protect your investment.

Overall, by following the tips you should be able to get a cheap discount laptop for college, even if you're broke. College implies needing other things too such as classroom supplies for students. Learning how to budget financial aid and other money is useful for the rest of your life. When you are off to college you want to also save money on clothing, whether it's before school starts are during the quarter. Use your budget.