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While credit card companies will check a person’s credit history before approving or denying an application for a credit card, they rarely conduct employment verifications as part of the approval process. Some banks use income estimation models, but will not generally request proof of employment from consumers. Therefore, it is actually quite simple to get credit cards with no employment checks, as long as consumers follow steps to maintain a sound credit history.

Step #1

Be Honest

The first rule a person should follow to get credit cards with no employment checks is to be honest. If a credit card application does, for some reason, ask for specific information about employment or household income, report all earnings as accurately and completely as possible. Often, credit card companies will not conduct any official background employment verifications, but in case they do, it is important that the information on a card application lines up with the information they gather in their employment check. If it does not, the application may be denied.

Step #2

Pay Bills on Time

Sometimes, the best way to get credit cards with no employment checks is to simply wait for a pre-approved credit card offer in the mail. These offers are typically sent to consumers with high credit scores that indicate responsible financial practices. To establish these scores and receive these pre-approved offers, it is necessary to pay all other credit-related bills on time; this includes other credit cards, car loans, mortgages, etc. Even one late payment can damage a credit rating and reduce the chances of getting approved for cards with no employment checks.

Step #3

Maintain a Low Balance

Another way to get credit cards with no employment checks is to maintain a low balance on other credit lines. Credit card companies will be more apt to trust consumers who demonstrate that they are not reliant on credit. When an individual maxes out a card, approaches the limit on a credit line, or takes out a number of high-interest loans, creditors may want to conduct employment verifications to ensure that applicants can handle the high number of payments.

Step #4

Take Advantage of Store Cards

Many department and chain stores offer cards with no employment checks, by offering customers the opportunity to fill out credit card applications at the register. These applications are approved or denied within a matter of minutes, usually before the checkout process is completed. Because of the time constraint, and because stores want to retain a wide customer base by providing easy lines of credit, these card companies do not take the time to call for employment verifications before approval.

In short, by merely being responsible consumers with sound credit histories, people can get credit cards with no employment checks. Even with the new stipulations set by the Credit Card Act of 2009 (which required more research into consumers’ abilities to repay credit lines), credit card companies are not required to verify specific incomes. Rather, they are advised to use income estimation models, derived from information handled by major reporting bureaus.