Daycare Licensing

Daycare licensingIf you're considering opening a daycare inside, or outside of your home, you may need to apply for daycare licensing. If your state does not require daycare licensing, you may want to consider obtaining a daycare license anyway, before opening a daycare. Daycare licensing shows your business has received approval by the government and customers will trust leaving their children at your facility. While some states do not require daycare licensing, other states have strict daycare laws and regulations. Before opening a daycare, you'll need to find out the daycare licensing requirements in your state to avoid problems when starting your daycare business. The process for receiving daycare licening does not happen overnight. If your states requires daycare licensing, you should not waste any time getting started with the application process.

Step 1

Determine your business goals for your daycare center and decide how many children you intend to have in the daycare center every week.

Some daycare laws set limits for how many children a daycare business can have on the premises at one time. Other states only require daycare licensing for a business that may have large groups of children in the facility. In addition to daycare licensing, your state may also require CPR certification, or some related training for life-saving techniques.

Step 2

Contact your states Department of Human Services to find out about daycare licensing requirements. The Human Services department will mail you an information packet about daycare licensing, or they may direct you to a local agency in your area that can assist you. When you receive your information packet, it will be stuffed with an application and other information regarding daycare laws for opening a daycare. Follow the applications instructions for daycare licensing.

Step 3

Complete any mandatory certification courses that your state may require for opening a daycare. Depending on your location, you may need to complete a life-saving course such as CPR, or a similar safety class. Some daycare laws require additional training courses such as child development training, child health and safety, nutrition, or business managment. You may want to consider taking the courses even if they're not required for daycare licensing. You can tell the community about your certification achievements to earn more business.

Step 4

Complete your daycare licensing application. On the application, you must include details about your business plans, business hours, the number of children in the facility, employee information, menu information and available financial resources for opening a daycare. Mail the daycare licensing application back to the office. An evaluator will review your application and arrange a day to visit your facility for inspection.

Step 5

Allow the daycare licensing evaluator to visit the premises and inspect the building. The daycare licensing evaluator evaluates the overall safety of the facility. In order for daycare licensing to be granted the building must pass certain requirements such as having fire alarms and a fire extinguisher, a working telephone, adequate ventilation, safe toys and safe eductional equipment. After completing the required evaluation, it could take several weeks to be notified of the results. If you're approved for daycare licensing, the license is valid for one year.