Would you like to get your local TV channels without having to pay a monthly cable or satellite bill? It's easier than you think.

Things You Will Need

* TV antenna with UHF

* Digital-to-analog set-top converter box

Step 1

First, you'll need an antenna with UHF capabilities. Most digital TV channels will be broadcast in the UHF frequency range. There are expensive, high-tech looking antennas on the market, but you can purchase a no-frills UHF capable rabbit ears type antenna for less than $20. The higher-end antennas start at about $50 each, but have more features to make your viewing easier.

As of March 1, 2007, all television receivers shipped in interstate commerce or imported into the United States had to contain a digital tuner. If your television was manufactured after that date, no additional equipment will be needed.

If you have an older model television, you will need a digital-to-analog set-top converter box. This can be something as simple as a VCR or DVD player, depending on the make and brand. Converter boxes are available for sale at many retail outlets.

Step 2

Hook up your antenna to the TV and enjoy! That's really all it takes. I tested my television using a cheap $20 antenna, and the picture quality was actually better than what I was getting through my local cable company.

Although it is easy to watch digital TV for free, you have to watch in real time. In order to record programs to watch later, you will need a DVR.

Tips & Warnings