buy used or download them - just save some money

Discount textbooks can save you moneyBuying discount textbooks is a smart way to save money on your college costs. Finding discount textbooks is easier than you think when you know where to look, and when. Here's some easy tips to help you find discount textbooks and save some cash.

Make sure to follow these tips on how to find discount textbooks every time

Here's some tried and true tips for finding the books you need before everyone else does.

  • The best way to get discount textbooks is to buy them early, don't wait for the first week of class to go out and buy them. If you don't have the book list than email the instructor asking for the book list, you'll almost always get it.  Once everyone else starts buying the books the price will go up, supply and demand.  Buy early to save some money.
  • Used textbooks are always discount textbooks. Don't hesitate to buy used textbooks, you'll save lots of money this way every time.  Just make sure you have exactly the right book by confirming the isbn number.
  • Search for the books online, for the best results search by ISBN number, you'll find the exact discount textbooks you need this way.
  • Compare prices from at least two, or even three discount textbooks resources. Don't always assume the lowest price you see on discount textbooks is the best, factor in shipping costs too.  A quick search for discount codes may help, as well as using ebates.
  • Check if there is a volume discount. Sometimes if you buy two or more you'll get a discount and you can save even more money on your textbooks.

And finally, after your class is done make sure you sell your discount textbooks back. Treat them well and take care of them then sell them back for cash in your pocket.

When your ready to begin your search for discount textbooks make sure you check out and and most certainly, they have some great prices. You'll also, of course, find many helpful links on this page to find discount textbooks too.