Joyland Amusement Park Coupons 2019

Families with young children visiting the Lubbock, Texas area might want to have some fun and buy discount tickets to Joyland Amusement Park. It has been in existence in one form or another since the 1940’s and since 1973 has grown to have over thirty rides and attractions. With just over thirty rides and attractions, Joyland is the perfect sized amusement park for families with young children.

Your discount tickets permit you to go on the Family Rides, such as the Carousel, Bumper Cars, Skyride and Train. There are seven rides just for the kiddies, such as Antique Cars, Little Coaster, Boats, and Bumper Cars. There are also twelve thrill rides for those who love to get their stomachs all aflutter, such as the Space Shuttle, the Tilt-A-Whirl, Mad Mouse, Music Express and the Dare Devil Droop.

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Another big savings for visitors is the free parking. Anyone who has spent a day at a large, commercial theme park knows that parking can cost fifteen dollars or more. Not having to pay for your car to sit in a lot starts the savings right off the bat.

For guests to Joyland who do not want to ride, there is a minimal $4.75 general admission charge. That is another savings for those who want to spend the day with the family but who do not enjoy going on rides. Individual tickets for rides can also be purchased for two dollars each.

Facebook Coupon Announcements

The fan page on Facebook has announcements for all kinds of savings, including where you can find money saving coupons to the park.


Groupon is the easiest way to save money now on tickets to be used later. Check out the Groupon site to see if any Joyland discounts are available.

Look at the Fun You Can Have!

School Group Discounts

Joyland opens the park during the week to large groups of two hundred or more. Many schools like to have special days at the park to mark the end of the school year. Special discount tickets may be purchased. The more hours you attend, the greater the discount. Forms are available at the website to download and fill out for your group outing.

PTA Fundraisers

Parent Teacher Associations in the West Texas area have used discount armband sales to Joyland to raise money for their schools. Armbands are sold at a discounted rate for three hours of family fun.

Visit the Joyland Website

At the website, there is a tab at the top for discounts. This is updated throughout the season, so if you live nearby, check it often for days that have reduced admission prices. There are also coupons for you to download to lower the cost of your armband.

No matter which method you choose to buy your discount tickets to Joyland Amusement Park, your family will have a great time.